Camels' Milk anyone?

Like many brilliant ideas for creating a unique business opportunities, this one came from an unusual source! We were visiting a friend to request her to talk, about her experience of having children late, to another friend . She was very encouraging and said that there was no cause to worry about the age of a person as technology was well developed. She then suddenly asked, “Did you not read today’s paper about it?” Noticing that we went blank, she then spoke about a woman aged 45 giving birth ‘naturally’ in a remote part of India. Actually, she said it was even more amazing as the father was 88 years old! Gave us some more details which were very fascinating! Obviously, it was encouraging news for not so young women keen on having children. Especially in Bangkok, with all its amenities.

At home after our visit, I looked up the paper and it was there as ‘news in brief’. In fact, it was more about the father, a vegetarian, and about his daily routine of going for long walks, drinking camels’ milk and early morning sex! For some reason, I kept thinking about this ‘feat’ as the papers called it. We had heard of a 90-year-old running a marathon, seen on cable a 90-year-old playing a game of tennis. I remember him well as he looked down upon golf and said it was for older people! I knew of elders living beyond 90, many were vegetarians and some walked miles. Of course I knew they did not drink camels milk and they were surely in a state of ‘Vairaghya’. (One who had renounced worldly pleasures.)

Lying down but awake, I kept wondering, what is it about this man, that he could father a child at 88. After a thorough analysis, I suppose I was thinking aloud, I concluded that it must be the camel’s milk. I thought I heard a murmur of concurrence from my dear wife. I turned around and asked her, 'should we buy a camel?' Still sleepy, she looked at me strangely, turned to the other side and continued with her mild snores!

I went on line to check more about camels and camels’ milk. I knew camels had bad temper and terrible odor from a riding experience and had learnt from watching ‘the weeping camel’ that they were moved by music! I gathered from the web that chocolates, ice cream and cheese were made from camels' milk and were popular. There was indeed a dairy in Mauritania that was processing camels’ milk and the project was so successful that it had found a mention in management books! (The 86 Percent Solution: How to Succeed in the Biggest Market Opportunity of the Next 50 Years by Vijay Mahajan). Luckily, no one had so far tumbled on to the fact that they were performance enhancing!

I am sharing this knowledge with others, due to lack of support at home, and hope one of you will get enterprising and develop a camel milk substitute. This would surely give a run for their money to all the renowned drug makers. All you need to do is to conduct some feild trials and I am sure the results will be positive. Next step is to tie up first with this Mauritanian diary and later let the business go global! Budhia Ka Tala would be soon on the world map again!

As an after thought, you may even be able to save the endangered tigers in case you are able to convince the Chinese!

The story does not end here as I heard about this great performer from another friend in his sixties! He had read about it in Times of India on line. Sure enough there were far more details, this time more about the 85 year old frail first wife. Her only aim in life seemed to be arranging marriages for her husband so that he could finally have a son and thus ensure him a clear passage to a better heaven when the time came. This could be a script for a 'Bollywood' blockbuster and certain to succeed with Rajasthan deserts as the backdrop.

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Prakash6 said…
Dear Nidhi,

I had read this news item on timesonline when it first appeared. The most important point which everyone probably missed was that although he has produced a son at the age of 88 his success rate is not a good 'ad' for early morning sex, camel's milk and long walks.
His 85 yr old wife (who is still alive) was barren, she arranged 2 subsequent marriages because of this reason and his 2nd wife died barren after 20 years of marriage, and now his 3rd wife has given him a son at 88 after first giving him a daughter 18 years earlier.
So, maybe his recipe for begetting children will not be a 'success'.

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