We could have vaulted to Israel acorss the River!

While in Jordan we saw the place where Jesus was baptized. Later, we walked towards the river Jordan. We could have easily pole vaulted across the river to Israel. You can see that it is well fortified and while I did not see anyone, I was wise enough not to try to cross the river. We all know how fierce they are about protecting their promised land.

While Raghu's comment is too vast a subject to discuss for the moment. I add as a quote the thoughts that came as we gazed across the valley near the old temple built in memory of Moses. We could have walked to many of those places in a day or two!

While in Jordan we were close to the place where Moses was shown the Promised Land by God and saw the place where Jesus was baptized. A sight seeing trip was also a pilgrimage. I wondered about God only speaking to Moses, and of the wise men who recognized Jesus as the son of God. Also of the firm belief held by Islam that Prophet Mohamed was the final one and his way was the only way for salvation. As we all agree Religion is matter of faith and if half of humanity have accepted these beliefs, it is very clear that it is a human need. It is also very intriguing that these three religions have much common and interlinking history. You can only wonder about the rest of the world population holding many more different views and adapting different practices. It seems we all want to hold an exclusive right to God and his words and actions. While it is very sad that people take a recourse to killing in the name of religion, I can only concur with many who hold that religion has been hijacked or is it that killing is inherent in human nature, spread if not equally, amongst all of us.
While we can argue about it, humans have not done badly by adapting to religion. Human race has grown significantly in numbers in the last 3000 years or so and at an alarming rate in the recent past. This is in spite of all the wars that have been waged for many reasons including religion.


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