Should God apologise!

'What is your wish'
The voice had qualities I had never heard in a human voice before!
I was aware of only the voice and nothing else. As I tried to locate the source of this voice, I saw nothing. But my mind became aware of the smallest of spheres that had an immense sense of power emanating from it. I must have uttered 'My god!', because I heard 'yes and I am here because you wanted me!'
I was incredulous and asked him ' did you read my blog? I knew I had let my innate skepticism creep into my Jordan trip report. ‘Why is that god revealed himself to only one person at a time?’ So I thought here he is to teach me his ways!

No, the voice said calmly, you performed penance to see me. For a moment I was at a loss, then I remembered! The story my grandmother had told me of young Dhruva, who sat still under a tree chanting the name of god. How, God very pleased appeared and had blessed him to be a constant 'Star' in the sky in appreciation of his steadfast tapas! I had asked my grandmother whether God would also appear and bless me to become a star. She said yes if you do penance like Dhruva. So I had sat, as steady as was possible for a 5 year old and chanted his name! God did not appear but my grand mom promised me that he definitely would if I kept trying. Probably the reason why I became a skeptic!
But, here he was after more than 60 years ready to grant me my wish. I already had a ‘Tara’ and I had read that there were more stars in the universe than all the grains of sand in the beaches of earth. It did not seem so exciting now that a star could be named after me! I thanked him and said 'I do not know what to wish for'. Even asking for peace on earth sounded like a cliché and almost hypocritical!
'A few things keep bothering me, can I ask you to clarify! He told me to go ahead and ask. 'We were supposed to be made in your Image, how is that I perceive you as a tiny speck in my mind, I cannot even see you with my eyes!’ ‘Did you not think of me this way, when you read about how the universe was created with a big bang? ‘

I repeated the statement by pope Benedict “Violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul". If it is so, why do we see so much violence, I countered? 'You keep sitting in front of the I-Box and watch all those channels on wild life, wilder nature and so on, surely you must have learnt a little about nature? Have you been totally free of violent thoughts?'

This reply seemed to confirm the view that violence was an inescapable part of nature. We hear even in day-to-day situations statements like 'my mother will kill me if I am late' or 'It is the end if my dad finds out'. Look at the extent of security the present day preachers of peace maintain, would they do it if they really believed what they preached!

Then this question popped up spontaneously. ‘We are told that all your creation is based on intelligent design! I admit it is downright brilliant, I wonder if one would call it intelligent! Why all this killing for food, for survival, was there no other way?' He said ‘I know you are a believer in the theory of evolution, can you not see it is still the best way!'

I replied 'I find it difficult to understand it fully. The age of universe in billions of years, the slow process of evolution and the very brief time we are in this process, it seems so pointless!'

Before he could reply, I jumped to another subject "Why do we need so many religions! A few have suggested that we throw away all these books of religion. Where was the need for so many revelations to so many?’

To drive home my point I added'Each religion is basically similar in the way it is organized. The dogma, the rituals, the pomp and pageantry are seen in every religion. They are all well organized to collect money! The egoistic behavior of most religion heads is very revealing while it disappoints. It seems that people who are guided by their heart are outsmarted by those who use their head. We have proverb that says it better 'It is easier to get a boon from God than one from a Poojari' (Priest!)'.

His voice sounded strangely contrite. 'You probably know that most religions started in a small way, very tribal. You would have also seen how the tribes work, whether it is human or otherwise, made up of dominant male or female and the others! I seem to have problems in the distribution and balancing of qualities: violence vs. gentleness, stupidity vs. intelligence, ego vs. humility, cunning vs. innocence and so on. The standard distribution model that looked fine for small groups or tribes does not seem to work with larger groups'.

'Solution to your problems is to evolve differently, find the right mixes of qualities. I am sure you have guessed by now that you are all part of my experiments, not just on the earth, but in the whole universe. I have not been all wrong! You would agree that creating two sexes, in spite of some bizarre variations, made life more interesting!’

‘ It is my design that species evolve freely adapting to situations. In my scheme of things evolution is a slow process. You know that it took you millions of years to evolve from a monkey and the process is still on. You are almost human but not there yet! It surprised even me the speed with which your species, still not fully developed, is able to dominate the earth’.

‘It is up to you understand the type of freedom you have been given and learn to make use of the many revelations you have received from me. I am not just talking about the spiritual ones given to prophets! I also speak of the knowledge I have given you in other ways, through the scientists, technologists and so on. It is now up to you how you assimilate this knowledge for your own future. I hope you do, I don’t want to give up my experiments on earth, at least not yet'.

It may help if all the heads of religions took some lessons in science and technology and see how it helped in guiding their people. They are quite quick to adopt the various tools technology has developed when it suits them!

I felt that I was loosing him and hazarded one more question! ‘I want to know how you deal with all those players who pray for your intervention in sports?’ He replied ‘ that is always the toughest one for me and it spoils all my fun watching the game!’


Rohini said…
Interesting! Was the voice male or female?

I was just reading an article on "The New Naysayers" in newsweek check it out :
Rohini said…
oops! the last word in the link is "newsweek"

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