I am back after having taken a long break from rambling! I was busy with the visit of my grandsons first and then my granddaughter next! It is the time when you let the world take care of itself! No time for anything else!

But a few events caught my eye:
One was the description of Donald Rumsfeld as an 'Alpha Male' while covering the news after he was sacked from his job! Being an frequent viewer of NG and Discovery channels, I knew that the dominant males of animal species are described thus. While the title is apt, it surprised me, as this was the first time I had seen this epithet being used to describe a person.

What really pleased me was that George Bush, who I am sure does not easily qualify for the title 'Alpha Male', was able to hire and fire one such. Sure sign that our species have evolved! In my mind George Bush is more qualified to be called an 'Alpa'! Actually alpa(gna), which in Sanskrit means: knowing little, shallow, superficial. Anyway, three cheers to dear George for getting rid of the Alpha Male who was definitely not one of my favourites.

I am sure it will be the reaction of anyone who had to contend with Alpha Males in their life. In our youth we learn to avoid them as best as we can and try to develop ways to deal with them as we get older. I wonder if any study is made of the Human Alpha Male similar to the ones made for the other species. It would be interesting if potential 'Alpha Males' were picked in their infancy and were studied and scrutinised the same way a wolf or a monkey is studied. If one notices the posturing, the chest thumping and other rude behaviour of some of our own movie stars, politicians, we realise that they do continue to exist and some have actually flourished.

Going back in time, I am sure an Alpha Male was a boon to the clan. In fact, I would assume Gods who came to earth as Avatars would fall into the 'super alpha' category. I suppose in Kaliyug most turn out to be, as newspapers like to describe, 'known' rowdies who terrorise the area they live in. In my last visit to Bangalore, I saw a couple of them at Gandhi Bazar . One look at them, it was sure that they were nothing but trouble. I wonder how these known trouble makers have the same freedom of movement as our holy cows do? There must be a reason!

We could go on and may be I will in future! I can never forget this specimen of the Alpha Male at a roadside restaurant in Bangalore a while ago. In walked a heavy built, unshaven man in a khadi Jubba (today it would be a tight fitting red T-Shirt) accompanied by a thin man with sunken eyes and features which proclaimed that this was a man who often went hungry. A very odd couple and odder still was when the big man asked the puny chap 'what would you like to eat'. The poor guy brightened up and as this was so unexpected he became tongue-tied! But before he could respond, the big guy ordered a plate of Idly for his chela and continued to order for himself a Masala Dosa, a Chow-chow Bhath (combination of sweet and sour) and some more. As I watched the tiny man's face fall in total disappointment, I wondered, how can people behave this way!


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