'GeRe' Dhatidha ( Crossed a line!)

I had missed this episode on TV but did read about it.

Back in Bangkok, I asked Tara whether she had seen it on TV and was it really something which justified the protests, arrest warrants and a final apology.
I am not sure whether there will be an extradition procedure from the courts! I hope not. The learned judge who had seen the clip was certain that it was an 'obscene act' and that there was a law against it. Not clear whether he had to see it repeatedly before he came to the conclusion.

Tara said it was a bit too much and said while she thought that Shilpa was overcome by embarrassment, Gere had crossed the limit for a public display of affection! Tara does not see too many movies and hence the 'halo effect' a film star naturally enjoys did not work here!

In Kannada 'Gere' means a line and our friend did cross the line. I belong to the generation where let alone kissing in public, even to walk on the same footpath as the girls going to school would have created problems for us boys. Even now, after so many years I am still at a loss when I attend parties, where hugging and buzzing on the cheeks is the done thing, I am the only unhugged guy around. I am not sure whether it is my body language or the lack of an aura which the female species find huggable!


Anyway after a close look at the picture in the newspapers, I have yet to see a clip, I agree with Tara, 'for very different reasons', that he had crossed a line and deserves to be reprimanded if not punsihed.


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