Why to 'Fast'?

I start first with an explanation to Aditi. I was there sitting peacefully and browsing, when Tara said that Aditi is now on vacation, must be enjoying herself as it is summer in New York and added she deserves this vacation after a real hectic year at school. Actually she is working as an intern.

As I thought how nice, a click of the mouse brought on this article!
Shiva: Matchmaker God, A time-honored Hindu practice yields powerful romantic results, By Lavina Melwani
I do not know if it as an omen, but saw an opportunity to have some fun. I sent the article to her Mother. Gayathri forwarded it to her daughters as I hoped she would! I do not know, but this 'Tharale Buddhi' (Instigating?) has become more prominent after I started reading Mahabharata! To continue I received a few forwards of mail and it is easier to repeat them.

gayathri said:
'these are responses from the girls that i thought you would have fun reading, nidhi. i forwarded your mail to them!!! may be you should put in on your blog - i know lots of people who will respond to that!!! Cheers. '

Aparna had her fun:
'Yeah Aditi, go ahead and fast - remember you cannot eat ANYTHING the whole day - this includes sugus, waffles, bagels, coffee, chocolate, ( I even think you cannot have gum!) :) so yeah, please go ahead and fast! hahah! Speaking of which (the food i mean, not the fast) Gappi was in town yesterday so she took our team out for dinner to this place called olive (very very posh place) and i ate the yummiest pizza and ravioli! Sinful I say! :) '--

Aditi was incredulous:
even rice crackers not allowed??
what kind of a fast is that??
there's no man worth that sacrifice. or sacrificing chocolate, waffles, sugus, chocolate, bagels, coffee, did i say chocolate??
basically, moral of the story is, you gotta send me to hong kong.
and wait--im offended--why is nidhi uncle only singling me out on this matter?? there's no one to tell to fast for a husband or what??

Aditi adds (she is really riled!)
here's me copy-pasting from that article:
"My sisters, aunts, and sisters-in-law, as well as many of my friends, ate just one meal on Mondays and performed special rituals as a tribute to Shiva, the granter of good mates."
so you all better start the fasting too. we need to find me a husband, apparently, according to the mother and nidhi uncle!

I think it is time to make peace with Aditi, after all she is my favourite. I am sure I would have asked my son, if I had one, to go on a fast to ensure shiva's help to win her heart! Or would it be Parvathi in this case?

This article is copied from http://www.beliefnet.com/

It is added as a 'comment' below for you to read if interested.


Aparna said…
Uncle, Aditi is your favorite?!?! *sigh* I suggest another quick blog to make up for that one and no pressure, but please feel free to quote how wonderful I am too! :)
I forwarded the article to some of my (single)friends here and the common agreement is that it's going to take a lot more than a fast to find the perfect guy! We are open to further suggestions..
mohan said…
If that were true Nidhi Uncle,Ethiopia would probably be one of the countries where people enjoy the most 'marital bliss'(if that could be measured!).

Well,this fasting thing sure throws a twist on the phrase;hungry for love.

But all ye singles out there,could probably take it slow as,surely someone else is fasting to be worthy of you!So leave it to the other half,I say... :)
srinidhi said…
Hi! I pasted this on your blog and published and all! but i dont see it anywhere on your blog. so may be you can paste the following from me

i spent a good many years in Ahmedabad, right? and my mother taught 3-5 year olds. and her school provided "nasta" to the kids. and there would be days when the little girls would tell her that they had "vrath" to get a good husband and could not eat! of course, a very rattled mother would come home and talk about this being child abuse and such - and in the same breath, would tell me that i needed some desperate fasting and could do with some of that "vrath"! and here we have our girls not ready to even give up gum and rice crackers. tsk tsk, whats the world coming to?
srinidhi said…
While thanking the author and the web, I thought I would add it here as comment! Nidhi

Shiva: Matchmaker God
A time-honored Hindu practice yields powerful romantic results
By Lavina Melwani

If you're looking for the perfect soulmate, there is no need to haunt the bars, gyms, and other mating spots. Just keep a fast for Lord Shiva! I speak from experience. Many moons ago, when I was 23 and living in India, marriage was all my parents had in mind. My sisters, aunts, and sisters-in-law, as well as many of my friends, ate just one meal on Mondays and performed special rituals as a tribute to Shiva, the granter of good mates. Everyone pressured me to keep this weekly fast too, and so I finally embraced it.
Just two and a half weeks after I began the fasting regimen-and totally unexpectedly-I got engaged. My aunt had heard of a very suitable boy, and she arranged a meeting between the two families. What none of the adults knew was that he and I had already met in Hong Kong and were absolutely delighted to be matched. The relatives just stared open-mouthed as we laughed and chatted as if we were the only ones in the room! Coincidence or divine intervention? I really don't know. But decades later, I'm still happily married to the same man. I'm convinced that there's nothing like having a mighty matchmaker on your side. Shiva found me a better mate than I could ever have found on my own. Not surprisingly, I continue to keep this Monday fast. It's a very spiritual practice that sets the tone for the rest of my week. In Hinduism, there's a fast to honor practically every deity. In northern India, Monday is Shiva's day, while on Tuesday, the Hanuman devotees keep a fast. In the South, the Tuesday fast honors Skanda, while Thursday is the fast day for Vishnu. In the intimate rituals of vrata or fasting, devotees come close to the deity, adding their personal wishes to their prayers. While there are many festivals in India during which women fast for the welfare of their husbands, Shiva is the god most Hindus turn to for good spouses and a harmonious family life. A very complex God, Shiva is not only temperamental and passionate but also deeply responsive to sincere devotion. Because Hindu mythology tells us that Parvati, Shiva's consort, won him over by meditation and fasting, many married women and single girls keep his fast. Parvati, the daughter of King Parvatraja, fell in love with Shiva, an ash-smeared wandering ascetic. She could not get his attention because he was deep in meditation, and so she fasted to win him. Kama, the god of Love, intervened by shooting an arrow of flowers from his sugarcane bow at Shiva. With his concentration disturbed, Shiva opened his eyes and saw Parvati standing before him. He instantly fell in love with her.

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