What is opposite of being Bald!

Our tennis group had collected at Gayathri/Mukund's apartment. Reason was to meet Aparna who had come on a short trip to get her Thai Resident permit renewed. Mumbai and working as a consultant has done wonders for her. If I were a correspondent for 'Femina' I would have said that she had a glow about her! Mumbai, though polluted, seems to have done this for her! She looked confident and chirpy as usual. She also took it in her stride when I tried to provoke her by wondering, how one could appoint such an young girl, as a consultant!

Anyway, it is time to get on with my blog subject. Pradeep, newly married, had gained weight and had compensated to some extent by loosing most of his hair. It was noticed and the topic went on about his hair loss. Some one, probably trying to console said, he still looked handsome! Varsha said 'some bald men look really good' (or words to that effect!). Bobby, I am sure is very happy!

I recall that the standard epithet for the man of her dreams for any Mills and Boon heroine was that he was 'dark and handsome!' I read a couple of them in my student days! I suppose it could be changed to 'he was bald and handsome' and thus create a variation in the story. For quite a while, I was under the impression that 'dark' was about the skin color and it did surprise me that the fair maidens in both the novels preferred the dark ones!

Anyway, in reality, most of us are not really bald, we are mostly thin at the top! I think I developed this phobia about loosing hair after I saw the movie 'Samson and Delilah' as a kid. I used to dread getting my hair cut and would avoid it as far as possible and would feel weak and wan after a hair cut! Imagine the days when we paid just twelve annas for a hair cut! Once a friend discovered that if we went to a shop situated in one the low cost housing areas, we had no slums those days, we could save all of eight annas. We did try it once and we became the laughing stock amongst friends and had a tough time explaining it to my sister, who could not stop giggling. We actually looked like the little Thai boys in their special haircut. Not unusual here, but definitely a sight to see in our neighbourhood. However, we had the consolation of gorging ourselves with many 'Totapuri' mangoes with the money saved on the sly! None of us had any pocket money, unheard of those days.

I never realised that I was bald, well nearly bald, till Ananaya made this observation ' Tata you have no hair!' during her recent visit this April. I protested and said I had lots of hair and asked her 'What happened to my hair?' in a tone which implied that she was somehow responsible for the loss! I said 'solve this mystery of my missing hair!' She avoided the subject for a while. As I kept pestering her, she looked at me in her own inimitable way, as would a kind and considerate psychologist look at an imbecile and said 'Tata there is no mystery! You were always that way!' Amazing for a five year old!

Leela also confirmed my approaching baldness, when she observed this July 'Tata you have no hair!' I said 'No it was there' and asked 'what did you do with it?'. She was unmoved and was direct as only a three year old can be and said 'YOU lost it' and that was that!

Remember the adage 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. While most of you see the shiny portions, we see the shrubs that are fighting a battle against the onslaught and those valiant single strands of hair waging their lonely battle. Unfortunately even the barbers, who should know better, seem unfeeling! When I tell them keep my hair on my top intact, they look surprised at my request.

Well I looked up the dictionary and found that Hirsute (or Hairy) was the opposite of Bald. Imagine being called 'Hirsute (or Hairy) and handsome'. Well, being 'Bald and handsome' is much better!


Varsha said…
Nidhi, Yes "bald and handsome" is quite right. I'd say there are few men that one can imagine looking handsome with AND then without hair, and the ones present that evening definitely can be counted amongst the few!! That's my opinion anyways... Anyways its the grey matter that counts, you agree??

Anonymous said…
Hi Nidhi Uncle,
Talking about balding, I could not help but quote one of the famous bald men in India - T N Sheshan (Ex-CEC) and I quote:
"God made few perfect heads and the rest he covered up with hair".

So, be proud to own a "perfect head" (to do what?? God know!).
- Mohan
srinidhi said…
Thanks Varsha, spoken like a true Brit! The verdict seems to be nicley poised! What is to be? 'Bald and Brainy' does sound good!
srinidhi said…
Hi Mohan
I always enjoy your addition to my blogs! Will try to attain perfection as you say!
How is it going back home?
Sriram said…
Remember seeing a T-shirt in a store which had the words "I am not bald, this is my solar cell for testosterone production" or something to that effect, with an arrow pointing towards the head! I never realized how badly a bald person can get sun-burnt on the head, until I spent a whole day outside without a hat on! Apparently it is something passed on from the mother's side, so it is a "Maamaan Udugore" as the priests say when handing over the gifts from maternal uncles during celebrations!

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