My walks in the Tobacco Company garden......2

Soon I discover a short cut to the garden and the entry is in total contrast to the main entrance. It is a path along the backyards of a few simple cottages overlooking the lake. A few are decorated with things picked up from the streets. In one, a huge bobbin for cables works as a table and a large Singha beer sign as a back drop. In the next an old sofa with springs jutting out of the cover is placed facing the lake. Another has a shack made out of wooden poles and is decorated very ornately with many beer bottles hung from the rafters. The large tree in front of the lake has a few hammocks hanging. Among them one cottage looks very different as it has a well tended garden.

It is a different world as sometimes I see a young Thai sharpening the claws of a fairly large fighter cock. Once, one of them escaped from the cage came charging towards me. Luckily a dog distracted the cock and I was saved from some deep scratches on my leg. Actually it was a bit scary. It took me a week to get back on this path!

Often I am greeted by a friendly sentry, but sometimes a surly old man glares at me. I am sure he is just coming out of a hangover and it is nothing do with me. Then it is the endearing scene of two grand children on tricycles showing off their special garden to a visiting grandfather. There is some tension as the kids race towards the lake, a toddler following the group, slows down the grandfather and he looks worried as the kids are too close to the water. I see the problem is solved the next day. Grandpa is holding on to a rope tied to the tricycle that the more impulsive one rides!

I suppose we could envy these immigrants to Bangkok a little! They had idyllic surroundings! Their backyards facing the lake and the Queen Sirikit convention centre, is surely one of the best views on Sukumvit. No matter that the factory had dumped a load of black soil a little away and the garbage was not cleared everyday.


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