My walks in the Tobacco Company garden........4

It is not always serious during my walks. Sometimes I encounter funny situations. I recall the day after the New Year! I saw a man in a safari suit standing in front of the Buddha Idol and from where I was it looked as though he was talking to the Idol. Actually he was talking into the cell phone. Those days cell phones were not so common! You did not see people talking into their phones all the time as we do now.

Soon, the person who sweeps the place every day appeared with a broom and swept the place again! Minutes later a well-dressed lady drove in and parked her car on the curb close to the Idol. She and the man in the safari suit opened the boot of her car and took out two ornate stools covered with red velvet cushions and placed them front of the idol. Another call and soon there appeared one of those very expensive cars. Very shiny and sleek. Obviously it was the CEO of the factory.

As he got out of his car I could sense an aura of power about him. He wore an expensive looking suit and an equally expensive 'brand' shoes. He was solemn faced as he took off his shoes and knelt on the shorter of the stools and rested his elbows on the taller one. He then offered his prayers to the Buddha. Prayer done, it was a short prayer; off he went in his car. Soon they all vanished from the scene along with their velvet cushioned stools.

After this brief but impressive drama, it was normal once again. Those who offered their prayers every day came by and rested their humble knees and elbows on the stone platform as usual.
I hope lord Buddha took note of the honor bestowed on him by the CEO and blessed the tobacco company a prosperous new year! After all, the monks do smoke here in Thailand!


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