Knee How in Beijing. The Air Port.

Charlie our dependable friend appeared right on time to drop us off at the airport. We had spoken about taking a picture of us together. Sadly in the usual rush as we left for the airport we forgot! While we will never forget Charlie and his smile, it would have been nice to have his picture on my blog. Tara wished him all the best and hoped he would become very prosperous in his venture.

As we stepped into the new terminal 3 of the airport, the terminal is shaped like the character 人 which means people, we were in awe. We had already seen the arrival area and were duly impressed. But walking into the departure lounge was something else. It was the largest and the most modern and artistic airport we have seen so far. The feeling of space was unbelievable for an enclosed structure. The chinese really love creating space in their public places. It can be seen in the ancient palaces and parks as well as in the new Olympic complex recently built.

I have borrowed some pictures of the airport from the web. The pictures are from one Steve Zhang, coutsey Wikipedia.

As we arrive!

Arrival Level

Departure area

Duty free shops

Departure gates.

The seats were comfortable at the gate and I started to wonder why did the generally warm hearted Thais install such cold and uncomfortable seats at the gates! While I liked the look of the Suvarnabhumi airport I also felt that the old Don Muang airport was much warmer and more human. I have yet to see the new Bangalore airport. I know that there can be no comparison between the two!


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