Knee How in Beijing. The Final day. ....The Summer Palace

I missed writing about this highlight of the second day's visit. It was a short walk around the lake Ho Hai and drinking tea at the Tea House. It was the perfect end for a very eventful day. Enjoyable surroundings and a peaceful atmosphere. Tara saw this tea house and said let us have an experience of drinking Chinese tea in a Chinese tea house. It was a great idea!

It had a nice authentic Chinese decor and was practically empty. We selected a spot over looking the colorfully lit lake. The whole place was active, with music and people strolling in a relaxed manner. A place to chill out as the young ones say.

The menu was on rectangular wooden pieces strung together, very artistic. Anyway as Mala looked at the menu she said 'My god this is expensive'. Finally she chose a pot of herbal tea. While it was not an elaborate ceremony, the hostess was gentle and courteous. The tea was excellent. I asked her if we could buy the menu scroll as memento; we could at 2000 Bhat! The most expensive tea listed right on top was around 9000 Bhat! Wonder what it was made of or more interestingly its claims to what it could do!

The final day was a visit to 'The summer palace, the largest Imperial Garden in the world':

I left home around 9.30 and Mala suggested that if I could I should also try and see the Botanical gardens. Anyway it could not be managed as we got stuck in a traffic with no one in sight for regulating it. It took us an hour just to cover about a km. I became cautious and decided to shorten my visit so as to get back in time for our evening flight. This meant that I could cover only a portion of this huge palace grounds. A pity as I missed some wonderful spots.

Even the crowd was large!

I could have spent the whole day taking pictures of the delightful old people

I climbed what probably was an unofficial path to take this picture, it was not paved, but others were doing it. Coming down I needed to find a firm footing plus a hand support. This side trip meant I lost some time. Part of the sightseeing game!

The distant Pagoda remained distant. I could not get there!

This place was magical. A young man was playing on the flute, the right music for the place and I thought heaven on earth. They called it the 'The garden of harmonius interests'.

In fact, I could have taken an other hour to see more of the place as there was no traffic on the way home as we reached in about 40 minutes as against the 2 hours we needed to reach there!

Good in a way as I reached home and took off my shoes, Mala came in and said that Tara had just called and we could go and get her. The school visit was nice. True to Beijing tradition ISB where Mala and Bharat teach and Tara had her workshop was big and modern!


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