Knee How in Beijing. The second day. ....Beijing Urban Planning Exhibition Center

After the heavenly walk Mala suggested we take quick look at this center. The teacher in her I suppose prompted her. I obeyed wondering why does she want me to see a Urban Planning Center Exhibition! I am glad I did. We could have easily spent an absorbing half a day there .

I will borrow from the web to tell you more about it:
Beijing Urban City Planning Exhibition Hall, which is designed to showcase Beijing 's past, present and future, might be the most modern and advanced museum n Beijing. Visitors can easily find what Beijing looked like 50 years ago and how it will probably look 20 years from now, including its business districts, Olympic Village and the entire city of Beijing in miniature and aerial photographs. The photography of the city layout is printed on nearly 1,000 illuminated glass floor panels and stunning scale models of the Beijing urban master plan is placed at the centre of the photograph. The map is so big that local people can actually stand on the exact spot where they live. 3-D video show also vividly showcases Beijing 's past and future. Quite many hi-tech elements can be seen in the museum.
We walked around a bit, bought ticket for a 4D show about the Transit systems planned for Beijing. It was futuristic, short at 10 minutes and very enjoyable. We did have an exposure to the Train system at the airport as we were transported from the arrival gate to the immigration area. People from Bangkok will appreciate it more as there is no need to walk Kms as we do here.
It is also interesting to browse the website:

Here are the details of the first two leaders. They both hold master's degree and have impressive responsibilities and credentials.

Ms. Huang Yan: Master's degree, senior engineer, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning (Office of Capital Planning & Construction Commission). Ms. Huang Yan is in charge of organizing the formulation, adjustment and report of the detailed planning and special project planning, carries on special assignments such as Olympic projects etc. She participates in the work of the Project Division of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Organizing Committee and the Office of Beijing 2008 Olympic Sports Venues Construction Coordination Committee. She is also in charge of the Detailed Planning Division.

Mr.Wang Yingjie: Member of CPC, master's degree, duputy secretary of Leading Party Group and deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning (Office of Capital Planning & Construction Commission). He provides assistance to the secreatary of Leading Party Group to work the traces on political thought and organisation construction, cardres contingent, talents contingent and Party-masses work. ..........

The rest of the team are also members of the CPC, degree holders and many are senior engineers. Impressive team and the results are there to see!
Here are a few pictures I borrowed from their website:

Here are a few I took:

(Aerial view of the Temple of Heaven)

(Model of the Forbidden City)


rohini said…
wow! the city is huge. Nice to read about your trip in installments :-)
Arunabha said…
This is exactly like the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum that we visited last summer. Each floor is about the past, present and future with these massive scale models. i remember Meghana and I got goose pimples when we saw the 3-D video and wondered how the Chinese must feel themselves...

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