Knee How in Beijing. The second day. ....The forbidden city.

As I walked in from Tiananmen Square, I decided to just walk around what is essentially a museum. I only wanted to soak in the atmosphere rather than see pieces on display however beautiful and unique. I suppose it was the daunting thought of walking into 9999 rooms and getting out of them which dissuaded me! I do not know if anyone has done this or even if one is allowed to see all the rooms in the city.

Here a few pictures:( Tara feels that it is a good idea to tell 'New blog viewers' that we can get an enlarged view of the picture by clicking on it.)

I thought I could make a quick buck by taking a picture of them and selling it to Nike.
Anyway no way of communicating this to them. I wanted all of them in a row and with caps on!

I think this one is cute. Beauty and the Beast!

I am happy with this composition.

I suppose I missed a lot of rooms as I got into this corridor and was too tired to go back!

A poor attempt at stitching them together!

The crossing of branches is significant. Said to be auspicious for couples who get married in front of such a tree!

You notice that the Chinese are really holding their heads high after the Olympics! Why not!


watachiwa l dis said…
thank you for those picture

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