Knee How in Beijing. The second day. ....The Temple of Heaven

If you ask me about the highlight of the second day, it was 'walk and walk and walk again'! Mala realised that our friend Charlie while sincere and enthusiastic was still a novice in dealing with visitors! He was still learning; including the best way to get to places and handle parking challenges. So it was nice of Mala to join me part of the second day. It was reassuring and a pleasure and I could get a lot more sightseeing done!

Luckily, we entered the heavenly ( No exaggeration here!) grounds from one of the side gates. I felt that I was entering a larger Lumpini park. While we hardly saw people at the Great wall, this garden while there were people, was not crowded. I wondered where the billion Chinese were on such a beautiful day. It could be deceptive as the place is almost 5 times the size of Lumpini park (which itself is not small) and can accommodate a lot of people .

(The amazing part is that the park is as wide as it is deep!)

It was an interesting and a tranquil walk. Music accompanied us as we walked. Mala is a brisk walker, so it was also a good exercise. I saw activities reminiscent of Lumpini park, people dancing, singing or playing. The group doing the 'Tap Dance' were pretty good. Sweet old ladies were making hand made embroidery and the display was obviously for sale but they were not selling aggressively.

Typical of Chinese, whole families from the oldest to the toddlers were out enjoying themselves. Sights we have got used to seeing in Bangkok. Mala said Chinese love to entertain each other and we saw it in full swing on this wonderful day!

(Sorry no more pictures of the activities. I did not get them right and anyway I am not comfortable with the point and shoot way of intruding on privacy.)

(Mala patiently waiting for me as I was looking around.)

(You can see Nidhi!)


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