Something to bring Cheer.

Tara suggested I write a blog about something to be happy about. That was a few days ago as we were just recovering from the Mumbai Terror week. While we are really Punekars at heart, Mumbai too has a special place in our hearts. This could happen to a Bengalooru-born person like me as Independence happened when I was nine and I became an Indian.

Cross my heart, Inshah Ishwara, I hope to continue to be one. Seriously, as a Hindu kid in school, I had started this ritual of crossing my heart and saying 'Inshah Allah'. I do not remember why, must be because of the original 'Gandhigiri' that was still relevant those days!

Anyway, what really prompted me to write now, was this unattractive old mutt which has adopted Rishi court, the apartment complex we live in. On our early morning walks, as soon as she sees the dog, Rhea breaks into a big smile and talks to him. I hesitate to take her closer to him as I am sure he has fleas. I do not think it has had a bath for years unless of course he stood in the rain during the October showers, extending into November here. Very unlikely.

About two years ago this dog, which came in from somewhere, was really sick with a fist sized abscess on his shoulder and I thought it would not live very long. Hence, when I returned a few month's later from my trip abroad, I was surprised to see this dog still alive and looking much better and with a much reduced abscess. Earlier, it used to just lie in one place with out moving.

I spoke to Rikhi, our landlord, about this dog at our usual lunch date. I said 'It was a miracle'! He replied, 'Yes in a way'! It seems one of the boys in the building approached him and said that something should be done about this dog. Rikhi had replied; 'Yes I agree! But I cannot just drive the dog out, what do you suggest I do?' The boy had said, 'Why don't you take it to a Vet'.

They managed to locate a vet and took the dog there for treatment and it gradually got better. I am glad that the boy spoke to Rikhi and had the not so common sense to suggest the obvious. I am thankful to Rikhi to have accepted the suggestion and having acted upon it.
Rhea is radiantly happy to see this dog and gives him one of the brightest smiles for an almost one year old. It truly makes her day and mine too.


Gayathri said…
Thanks! That is a great story and a heart-warming picture.
Arunabha said…
Lovely story...certainly brings cheer. Humanity lives in our children at least...
phool said…
how thoughtful of that child!!!i really admire him for his efforts& love for the most loyal creatures ---dogs!!!

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