Was it Premonition?

We were up early and Nandini told me as she was leaving for the Airport that she read about a fire in a Bangkok club and around 50 people had died as they were celebrating the arrival of New year 2009.
After they left for the Airport I checked the internet around 5 am and I saw this at the club's website! The small icon you see is actually a picture of a flame and it is an anitmation of an active flame!

With BadBoy Party
31 December 2008

Surprisingly there was no mention of this fire either in Bangkok Post or The Nation websites while the others around the world had the news of this fire on their websites.
Here is a quote from MSNBC:
BANGKOK - A fire swept through a high class nightclub jammed with hundreds of New Year's revelers in the Thai capital, killing at least 54 people and injuring about 100, officials said early Thursday. Victims died from burns, smoke inhalation and injuries during the stampede to escape from the club, which had only one door for entry and exit, police Maj. Gen. Chokchai Deeprasertwit said.

And from BBC:
Thailand's capital is renowned for its nightlife, but many clubs are loosely regulated and often have very poor fire safety systems, our correspondent adds.

A very sad beginning for Bangkokians and specifically the affected families.
(It seems there was no premonition here, the club was to move to another place hence the good bye message. I am not sure why the flame was part of the web page!
It is now on Bangkok Post and the Nation and it is frustrating and shocking to read the comments of the officials. It appears more women died or were injured than men!)


Varsha said…
Dear Nidhi

I woke up around 2, I think it was, as police sirens were screaming and the electricity at home went off. Earlier, at 12, there had been a lot of fireworks - crazy exuberance from the many clubs in the area!!
When I heard the sirens my first thought was "fire". But soon I fell asleep again. Looked in BKK Post first thing, as you say there was no mention at all.
Santika is not far from us. These clubs rake in the money night after night but do they really care for the safety of their clients - NO. Will anyone be prosecuted, held responsible - NO.
Its a sad start indeed.

Sethu said…
It really is quite sad and a terrible way to start a new year.

We could see the fire from our place when it started, but after a while it seemed to have died down. After Gayathri and Mukund left around 1 PM, I was cleaning up and could not sleep right after, so was pottering about till 3 AM. Realized around 2 AM that the sirens which continued to blare could only be ambulances and there must have been injuries. Was hoping that it was not too bad. Seems like it was.

We have been talking about going to Santika for quite a while now; even as recently as three days ago, when we were planning to take my niece and her friend who were in town. Decided to eat a slow dinner at Rosabieng instead...


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