Remembering Rhea's friend 'Toto the dog'.

Seema sent me this email yesterday night.
"I'm sure the house must be very quite with everyone gone, even when my kids go to camp for two days we all feel the silence.
Anyway I want to let you know that today was a sad day for all of us and Rishi Court workers because Toto the dog passed away at 2.30pm this afternoon. The workers dug a hole in the garden and we buried him with great sadness. What touched me most was to see all the workers putting flowers in his grave and praying for his soul and that he gets reborn as a human. Everyone was reminiscing about their time with him through the years. Surprisingly Chaiya remembers that Toto has been with us for 14 years."

And I replied:
"Let's hope that he is at peace now. Too sad! He was Rhea's pet as well. She used to talk to him and smile every time she saw him. I wish I had known as I would have liked to be there! Interesting prayer!"

I had been restless all afternoon. Obvious reason was that Rohini, Sundeep, Leela and Rhea were on their way home via Hong Kong. While that was the main reason, I like to think that Toto was trying to tell me and Rhea and give us a final bye-bye. We used to invariably stop in front of him for many minutes every morning. Rhea would smile at him and he would patiently look back at her.
It suddenly occurs to me that only very important people are cremated or buried at a residence. I remember poet Dilip Kumar Roy was cremated at his residence/ashram in Pune. I like this honor and the dignity accorded to Toto, Rhea's friend.

Seema had commented then that he was there at Rishi Court much earlier than I had thought. 14 years for a dog is a good innings. I am sure he was a very handsome dog in his younger days!


Ramesh said…
Hi Nidhi,
Your trip to India( bangalore) was interesting. I guess that when we go on a holiday to India it is generally different but now that you & Tara will be heading back there your perspective will change.
I anticipate that the episode on the Jet flt is just the beginning. Eventually we will end up saying " Chalta hai".
We returned back from our memorable trip to Beijing on 17 apr. If i had your expertise, i would have posted the pics. I am waiting for Aditi to teach me. Right now she claims that she does not have the time.............

B'day greetings to young Gayatri.


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