A sequel -- Toto MY dog

While we were talking about Toto, Seema spoke about children who were disappointed that they missed his burial. They later went to the spot where he was buried and offered prayers and placed flowers on the mound.

I had then suggested to Seema that it would be nice to collect thoughts from these children about Toto, including Shreya her daughter. Shreya was also very fond of Toto. Anyway here is one such story by Seema herself!


I suggested to Shreya that she write about Toto. But she has too much homework, so I will tell my story instead.

I saw this dog when we first moved into Rishi Court. Frankly my first reaction was "What a dirty dog!" When one day Toto and I came face to face finally, we just stood there and looked at each other. His look was like "is she going to acknowledge me?", and my look was like "are you kidding? no way am I going to touch you!" and I just walked past him. I used to ignore him after that first meeting.

Later on, I asked the security guard where he came from. He replied that it was a stray but as he gave him food everyday, he started coming inside Rishicourt to sleep. The guard added that he had named him Toto.

As I was going out one morning, I heard our japanese tenant call out to 'Toto' and saw that he came running to him. Then I saw his daughter giving Toto a big hug and that he was loving the attention. I just stood there stunned and feeling ashamed of my own reservations about him while the girl didn't care that he was dirty. She just hugged him tight and played with him. The next day I bought a dog collar and told my guard to put it on him.

So finally we became friends!! (But he refused to wear the collar). Over the years whenever I saw him, I would call and he would come running with his tail wagging away and I would sit with him and pet him.

The amazing thing about Toto was he never barked at any our tenants or their children. Even when new tenants moved in, somehow he knew they were here to stay and he would guard over all of us. There are many things that I remember and it would take too long to put into words, but one thing I can say is that he is not Toto the dog anymore but is "TOTO MY DOG" and he will always remain in my heart.


I had written about Rhea breaking into a smile as soon as she saw Toto. He was a tired looking dog who rarely looked up, but would look up at Rhea as soon as we neared him. Rhea saw him last on the evening before she left for Vancouver. Sadly Toto died two days later.

It appears one of the tenants came down with some chicken for Toto on that day and was shocked to learn of his death. There is also a story of his being run over by a car and being taken to the vet just in time to be saved! So it seems our friend did live a charmed life and was loved by many.

The story of Rhea's freind "Toto the dog" thus continues. Earlier stories!http://nidhiramblers.blogspot.com/2009/01/in-memory-of-rheas-friend-toto-dog.html



rohini said…
very nice! rhea will like reading this when she is older.
Varsha said…
I am sorry to hear of Toto's demise, and touched at the dignity bestowed on him at his burial.
jayshree said…
No wonder I don't see him in Rishi Court.I should inform Gautam about his sad demise.

We are going to miss Toto.


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