The night market in Luang Prabhang.

For Bangkok-vasi's like us, the term Night Market has many connotations. In fact, even senior citizens walking in daytime are vulnerable here in Bangkok. I call it peer pressure! I noticed that especially after reading the very suggestive regulations, (Some called it hilarious, others humorous or entertaining, Arun called it subliminal!) the scene on the main street was a little unexpected! We did see tourists on the street, old couples, young couples, back packers and so on. While they were mostly farangs, we hardly saw a mix of races or generations and if there were some, they looked very normal and above board. It appears the director of police was needlessly worried! We now understand now why friends urged us to see LP before it got commercial!

Anyway let me start from the beginning: We walked out of our guest house after checking in and found the Main street quite easily, it was about fifteen minutes walk. We had good reviews of the LP Bakery and Rama had said we could get vegetable soup over there! We were lucky that Tara found a place she enjoyed eating at.

The main street 'Sisavangvong'. We spent many hoours on this street as we ate mostly at the Luang Prabhang Bakery seen next to the red tents!

As I walked out of the Bakery after a cup of tea I was surprised to see a lot of activity right on the main street.

The baby was real and a doll!

Future entrepreneur or youth leader!

Tara was impressed with the speed of setting up the market and the order. Nothing new for us but the fact that the main street was closed for the night market was impressive.

The night market is all set and ready to go!

The patient vendor. Most of them were calm and while some were smiling, they were not animated and hardly a shout was heard!

Finally the night fell

The wares! Tara was not too excited about the goods on display.

Not many visitors seen.

A rare sale!
The market spread a little to the side streets.
But it was not too active
Not a very aggressive salesman!
The restaurants' attempt to add color to the main street!
The experience was nice but tame. We did not feel the energy of a market place. The vendors were friendly in a subdued way. They did not push for a sale. Tara did buy a few odd things as a contribution to their economy. We bought a bed cover on our final night at LP and were amazed when the vendor told us that it was her first sale for the day and it was already 10 p.m.!


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