Home coming or Going homewards.

We took a short trip to Bengaluru during Songkran holidays. We would have loved to be here in Bangkok and been a part of the Burma border trip near Kanchanaburi with our regular group! Missed playing golf though! Ours was an exploratory trip and we think we accomplished a lot. We will know for sure when we get back, but we did fix up many contractors to do basic repairs to our apartment before we move in June.

I have this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome as I travel towards India. I turn from a calm and accepting person to a VIoP. A Very Irritating or Irritated (old) Person. This trip was no exception.

First things first, our morning flt was cancelled and we were offered a seat in the night flt, which meant a 12 hours wait at the airport. The Thai Airways was kind enought to offer us accommodation at the Novotel Airport hotel. We said yes, then Balaji who was also on the flt, convinced Thai to give us a flt via Mumbai and the leg between Mumbai and Bengaluru was on Jet Airways. While I was inclined to take the offer of a room at the Novotel, we chose to take the long ride via Mumbai. I was also very curious about how this would be managed.

There were many lessons learnt, but the one which is important was that the liquor bottle which was allowed to be carried with us on Thai flt as a cabin baggage was not accepted on Jet airways. Luckily the girl who worked as a ground hostess warned us about it and we were just able to push it into our check in baggage!


Sriram said…
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Sriram said…
The rule about not being able to take liquor in cabin baggage on domestic flights caught me totally off-guard, as I had purchased a bottle for my cousin on the international flight and had already checked all our bags before being told about it at the domestic flight security checkpoint. There was no way we could go back and put it inside a checked bag. When I protested, the guy did not stamp the tag on the bag that it was in, and told me to check with Jet. But we were able to put a smaller carry-on bag which had already had its tag stamped inside another larger carry-on bag, and use that tag for the bag which had the liquor bottle, so that solved the problem!

So when is D-day, and will you be at Malleshwaram?


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