couch potato is thrilled

It was unexpected. A Japanese tv channel NHK world had a story about an Indian grandmother. That too about an eighty-four year old grandmother taking up sharpshooting when she was 65 and becoming a national champion. She has won upwards of 25 awards in competitions.

Chandro Tomar,  now famous as 'shooter dadi'  got into sharpshooting as she escorted her grand daughter to the Johri Rifle Club. As she watched, she felt confident that she could shoot as well as any. Not finding encouragement, she practiced secretly. She learnt to keep her hand steady, by holding a jug filled with water at arms length. She is still very active and physically fit. She gets up early at 4 am, milk the cows and is continuously busy with house work.

A coach who saw her steady hand and sharp eyes while she tried shooting at the rifle club was ready to teach her. As she was not fully free, it was agreed that she would go to the range once a week to learn. Here a few pictures I took as I watched the docum…

one more couch potato story. Grandmas' goodbye to an old market

NHK World covers human interest stories from small towns.

This one is about an old market in Okinawa which faces demolition as developers eye this place. The ladies, most in their late Eighties have been selling vegetable and stuff for the last 65 years face a tough decision. While they are offered a modern facility, they have to pay a much higher maintenance charges. While their old market was very basic, the new one is air-conditioned.

Some sadly decide to give up feeling that they are too old to make a change. ( I assume there is social security or a compensation offered, as they do not seem to be overwrought). The ladies feel very unhappy as they lived like a family for so many years and now have to go their separate ways.

The time comes to move to their new place and the ladies dance a traditional dance, a way of saying thank you for the old place and the good life it offered. It is all very gentle and sentimental. There is grace in their acceptance.

The ones who opted for the n…

Near Death Experience! There are many types

I am not talking about the mysterious, exotic and well researched and documentednear death experiences.It is more about the mundane 'near' death experiences we all experience!

One could well envy Bheeshmawho was gifted* 'The ability to choose the time of his death.' A unique gift which we see later was not really a blessing.  While he had no fear of death, he surely had a miserable time!
*Hetook an vow of celibacy to enable his father, king Santhanu, marry a fisher-woman and his grateful father blessed him with this rare gift.' Bheeshma, a Sanskrit word, which was uttered by gods in admiration, got stuck as his name. It  translates into 'terrible or dreadful or horror' . Interestingly we have namesake, a Hindi writer,Bhisham Sahni, who also died a bachelor and had a personality similar to his namesake!
My first NDE was when I was five years old. I was walking up a hilly forest with my older relatives when they asked me to keep my eyes peeled for tigers whic…

An awesome fun wedding with a message.

It was not a destination wedding,  a traditional  Eco-friendly one!
The bridegroom Siddharth is my golf buddy Bharath's son! 
Who doesn't know his mother Meenakshi ? :-).

Siddharth is in the fourth year of a PhD program in Ecology at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA

Janani Eswar, the bride, a social entrepreneur, connecting children and young adults to nature in Bangalore, is the daughter of Radha and Krish Murali Eswar also from Bengaluru.

The wedding was a visual delight with a lot of thought bestowed on every detail. Importantly it was mother-earth friendly. It was performed in a heritage building 'Villa Pottipati' situated in Malleswaram. As space was a constraint smaller group of friends and relatives were invited for different functions in this lovely tree covered garden of the 19th century Villa.
A letter from the couple tells us why this wedding is so special. Hello! We’re excited that you’re going to join us in celebrating our weddings in Malleswaram next…