Eagleton is not just about golf. Know the birds which reside or visit Eagleton

I saw and wrote excitedly about a bird which flew into our garden. Common around here in Eagleton, it is known as Bhradwaj in Marathi orcrow pheasant or coucal. Keen to learn more, I requested Pervez, a resident, a keen bird watcher and photographer to share hisgyan about birds in and around Eagleton which he kindly did. He shared pictures on birds and loaned me the book, "The Book of Indian Birds" by Salim Ali. I have added brief notes he wrote on the birds and have also borrowed from the book.

Our foliage; the shrubs, tall grass and fruit trees, is the main reason these birds made Eagleton their home or to migrate here during winters. The birds were here before us, and are a treasure. It is my fervent hope that Eagleton, as more houses come up, will ensure that its rare beauty is retained, and it will continue to be eco-friendly. I am inspired by Singapore which after unbridled growth has now realised that birds must come back to the city and are working to make it happen. 

Eagleton is not just about golf. You learn lessons about nature.

This happened yesterday. As we were crossing the tiny stream across the fourth hole, we saw an young snake swimming along and trying to get into the pond on the right of the fairway. It looked harmless and even innocent as a babe as it swam. I tried to take a few pictures, and the phone battery went to sleep. Luckily Prasanna who plays with us, not a resident, took a video.

The story does not end there, though I wish it was so. As we reached Hole no 10 tee box. I saw dead snake about the same size as the one pictured above. It could not be the same snake. I had no heart to take a picture of this dead snake whose head was smashed. The smashed portion was fully covered with black insects. I asked my caddy whether the dogs had killed. I could not imagine a human doing this in an open area like a golf course. He said it could not be a dog, then the snake would have been in pieces. I think my game went bad for a while after seeing this unnecessary killing!

That evening I met Pervez, a resi…

Eagleton is not just about golf. Chandra is a keen golfer and a keen observer of Nature

I like that the next set of pictures were sent by Mr. Chandrashekar. He is a keen gofer, plays five days a week! It is nice that he also has a keen eye to capture the panorama a golf course offers. Its variety is mind boggling. It is great he is also is able to spot birds.

Happily he has promised to keep sharing the pictures he takes. 😊

Eagleton is not just about Golf. Guru Chahal loves to walk and observe

The blog is yet to develop. Initially it is contributions from individual residents beginning with  Mr. Guru Chahal, a long term resident. He loves to walk and write poetry. His contribution should encourage us to go out and walk. Keep our eyes, ears and our hearts open to what nature provides.

"Thank you, Nidhi!
My wife, Ivy, and I moved to Eagleton on the 1st of December 2010, bag and baggage. Since I'm not a golfer, I cannot go lyrical about the ecstasy of hitting a hole in one but I have had my share of simple joys staying in this eco-friendly haven. There's not a nook or corner of this vast estate that I haven't yet touched during my morning walks at least five days a week. To say that Eagleton is a nature-lover's delight would be an understatement.

Where we live in The County, the gateway to Nature's glories is a mere minute away. The extensive flora all over Eagleton is varied, variegated and wonderfully colourful in all seasons. The trees and flowering…

Eagleton is not just about Golf

There was a lot of excitement the last few days. I posted a few pictures in our Eagleton WhatsApp group and learnt a bit about the bird who came visiting, but more importantly discovered that we have residents who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the life around us in Eagleton. (Not limited to homo sapiens.) They have promised to share the pictures and their knowledge about these valuable neighbors and visitors. It is my job to post them in this blog and also on the Eagleton Community page on FaceBook. I would like to cover the fauna as well as flora which is happily all around us. Thanks again for the interest shown in educating people like us.

A bit about Ourselves. Perhaps the story is typical.  I bought a small plot at Eagleton some years ago so that I could play golf. After a while the commute became tiring. It made sense to come the previous evening, play in the morning and getaway.  A few friends who had built or bought a Villa at the county encouraged us to build. We b…