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Nikhila Nandagopal. Our 'rear-window' celebrity! Top FIVE in Femina Miss India 2014 contest

The other day I  heard Tara call me, 'Nidhi come and see who is here!' I stepped out and was pleasantly surprised to see a very pretty girl with a radiant smile. I said to myself, 'I have seen her recently on TV! And before my grey cells could connect , Tara added triumphantly 'Nikhila! She was in the TOP 5 at the Miss Femina India contest 2014'

Yes, Tara and I had watched the recent Miss India 2014 contest. And we had experienced a tension, which obviously is nothing to what her parents and the many involved with her contest were facing. I also noticed that as the final two were waiting for the winner to be announced that Nikhila looked relaxed and appeared as if she was sure of the result! I had wondered about it and asked her. She smiled and said. 'When it came to that point, I knew that Koyal Rana would be the choice!'

She seemed to have taken the result well, and said she enjoyed the experience and learned a lot!
In fact, her father said that she was …

What Would Krishna Do? Or Shiva? Or Vishnu? A poser in NY times!

Thanks to Dr. Ranga Raj and Hari Gopalan I felt some excitement when I saw the heading of the N Y Times article they wanted me to read! And Lalitha Srinivasan posted it on F.B. I believed that there would be a tricky situation a la Mahabharata which would be answered and I would be educated by a philosopher with some new perspectives.  The questions intrigued me. Were they confused about our trinity? Has Krishna really replaced Brahma? In fact, Brahma has been ignored by us for some peculiar reasons. Anyway seeing our deities going global felt good.

The interview:It has some standard questions on Hinduism but no mention of our dear deities featured in the heading. I also had problems with the many words used in the interview, so I forwarded it to a few who know more philosophy than I do.The response from both Sriram and Mouli confused me further. They said nothing about the deities. Then I realized it was just an eye-catching heading and it has obviously worked as there are 381 comment…