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Reading Sunday News York Times!

Haven't been reading newspapers so ardently for a while for many reasons. One was my delayed cataract procedure which made it difficult to read small print. Then it was the News Paper format, distracting with too many pictures. Then the news itself was depressing, mostly on politicians and politics, their scams and other short comings. I stopped reading sports news, not much on golf and other sports bored me. Society gossip was a total waste of time! I did not know most who were on page three! Movies reviews were not exciting. We have stopped going to the theatre since long! Watching TV was easier!

Nandini gets NYT on Sundays, sold at $6, which I planned to read but being busy otherwise let it go till today.  Any way, I thought who  wants to read US news and its politics. With no plans to go out, I picked up the paper today and here is what I found!

The main news was: "Disappearance of fertile land fuels 'looming crisis' in Africa". That was cause for concern and…