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The celebration continues.... 'Images of India'

We were treated to more Indian culture the last few weeks. They were two very high profile events and both enjoyable. (I am running a little late as my computer failed and I also took a break from blogging.)

First was an event, showcasing Anuradha Pal and a group of women artists at the Thai cultural centre's larger auditorium. It was an important occasion, Bangkok’s 9th International Festival of Dance and Music, celebrating the 80th Birthday of His Majesty the King. The occasion was graced by the presence of HRH Princess of Thailand, Mahachakri Sirindon. Anuradha Pal is one of India’s leading and most innovative percussionists. Stree Shakti is an all-female Indian percussion ensemble. They performed using traditional percussion instruments like tabla, ghatam, mourching and mridangam.The percussionists and the accompanying sitar artist performed with enthusiasm and extremely well. It was enjoyable for its vigorous energy and its uniqueness as it was all women. Mourching was special…

More on 'Local' contribution to Indian Music

Nidhi, Great job indepicting what we all felt. Cheers. Khalid ( Thanks Khalid!) I sent my blog, a pretty long one, across to friends hoping they would read and like it. I had said, 'This one was different, It was by the Amateurs who live in Bkk. Those of you who missed it can read about it! And those who were there would love, I hope, to read all about it!' Many responded and I think it is worth quoting the comments many friends made. Thanks again for all the nice comments about the blog. I am happy to have struck a chord in all of you and feel very encouraged! I am sure all the artists will love what Chitra said about the program.

Thanks for sending me the blog on the musical function we had the other day. What can i say other than...its been a long time since i have enjoyed something like this! All kudos to tara and the other ladies who organised and ran the programme to perfection. As i have lived outside of india for the last 28 yrs it has been difficult for me to see a progr…