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Tata (B. Garudachar) completes 90 years!

Tata turned '90' on the 18th oct 2006 as per Nakshatra (star) and on the 23rd by calendar. He did not want a party to celebrate the event. Preferred to make a pilgrimage to his 'Maneydevaru' at Bindingnavale.

Siddharth represented the new generation of great grandchildren and I suppose Jayanthi the grandchildren!

The group was small, we missed Shakku and Ram. Obviously all of us missed Pati.

"90th birthday is definitely a huge milestone, trust he is in good health and cheer. I am still trying to find out how the "Bindingnavale" spelling with the second 'n' came about, as opposed to "Bindiganavale" - I have seen the former with the family of my cousin Sridhar's wife, the two brothers Sridhar and Srinivas here in Chicago (I think they are the children of BK Garudachar), and some others. BVS family uses the latter, I think. Wasn't there also a family who split the name into two, one using the Bindiga last name and the other Navale…