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We are all very proud!

We had a wonderful experience last Saturday, 25th August. The invitation card, The Embassy of India had sent us, had promised us an unique programme and so it was! It was a concert titled 'India's Musical Heritage - A tribute to the Great Poet Saints'. I believe that those who heard the concert felt that they understood, at least in those wonderful moments, what it was to be an Indian and how music has helped to hold us together as a nation these 60 years as well as implant a consciousness of our being 'Indian' throughout centuries.
The concert was held to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of India's Independence and the 60th anniversary of establishment of India-Thai diplomatic relations. H.E. Latha Reddy, Ambassador of India, when she spoke informally to congratulate the artists said it was 'One of the best, why the best programme I have attended in Bangkok!'. She spoke for all of us who stood up to applaud. She was also very gracious to acknowledge th…

Music 'poured' last week.

It has been raining in Bangkok. Similarly, the normally arid Indian cultural scenario in Bangkok was drenched in music last week. No matter it was all Bollywood! First, it was the program arranged by our precious friends Viji and Khalid. (Precious: highly valued, much loved, or considered to be of great importance-- I quote from MSN dictionary!). They sponsored a concert of Roshan and Ritvik, physically challenged artists from Bangalore.

It was arranged in style to introduce these artists and to encourage them. It was compered competently by Viji's sister Rajani. Rajani helps deserving artists through an organisation called 'Good Deeds'. There were two more artists Satish Govindan and Smriti who added variety and some Bollywood style dancing, nice and subdued. Our very popular Indian ambassdor H.E. Latha Reddy was gracious to be present for the whole evening.

We had excellent snacks and dinner at the Novotel, courtesy, the hosts. The music began almost on time and we had som…

India turns 60!

Indian embassy in Bangkok had arranged a nice function! I thought it was nicer this time. The usual crowd could be seen. Jagjitsinghji and his students rendered the National anthem and other 'Deshbhakti' songs. Tara and Viji were part of the women's club group rendering a medley of 'national' songs in different languages! Music guru Archana Kanhere was in the forefront and we could see men represented by Aditya and Raghavendra. There were many more who participated. It was good hearing these well rendered songs and it still makes us emotional.

I was lucky to see, for me the first time, the tri-color unfurl as I entered. You cannot see the flag if you are seated inside the tent. You can, only if you are standing on the steps. This vantage area is also occupied, as I have seen through the years, practically by the same group of people. They can see and be seen as well! I saw only one 'freedom fighter' dressed in his INA uniform in the front row. There used to …

What is opposite of being Bald!

Our tennis group had collected at Gayathri/Mukund's apartment. Reason was to meet Aparna who had come on a short trip to get her Thai Resident permit renewed. Mumbai and working as a consultant has done wonders for her. If I were a correspondent for 'Femina' I would have said that she had a glow about her! Mumbai, though polluted, seems to have done this for her! She looked confident and chirpy as usual. She also took it in her stride when I tried to provoke her by wondering, how one could appoint such an young girl, as a consultant!

Anyway, it is time to get on with my blog subject. Pradeep, newly married, had gained weight and had compensated to some extent by loosing most of his hair. It was noticed and the topic went on about his hair loss. Some one, probably trying to console said, he still looked handsome! Varsha said 'some bald men look really good' (or words to that effect!). Bobby, I am sure is very happy!

I recall that the standard epithet for the man of …