Luang Prabang thru pictures.

Our trip to Luang Prabang felt very peaceful. While there were more tuktuks and motor bikes than I had expected, it was still pollution free. Surprisingly we were stuck in traffic for 20 minutes on our way to the guest house from the airport! Everyone was talking about it at the guest house and it seems about 20 plus cars were stuck in traffic!

LP has many charming streets with nice buildings and old Wats. Lack of high rise buildings makes it very appealing. It surely is an ideal holiday for us oldies who like to walk and for the young who love trekking, kayaking and other adventure sports. I specially liked the offer to teach us how to be a mahout in two days at an elephant camp! The soap dialogue 'Aurathon koh ankush lagana chayiye' had always intrigued me! Well not worth the risk as they did not specify that the class was only for men!
'Laos, one of the world's few remaining communist states, is one of east Asia's poorest countries' (BBC) clarified my observation that interactions between people appeared a bit guarded.

A very charming little airport! Tara said it reminded her of the Lohegoan airport in Pune in the sixties.

Our favourite haunt, the LP Bakery. Veg soup Lao style highly recommended.

While the notice at the LP Bakery was not very friendly the waiters were very extremely nice.

The new heritage!

The late king is still revered by some. Our guesthouse manager!

King Sisavang Vong: He was born at Luang Phrabang, on July 14, 1885. His father was Zakarine, King of Luang Phrabang and his mother was Queen Thongsy. He was educated at Lycée Chasseloup-Laubat, Saigon and l'École Coloniale, Paris. He was known as a "playboy" king. He had up to 50 children by as many as 15 wives, two of whom were his half sisters[1]and one of whom was a niece. Fourteen of the children would die in the Mekong after a boating accident. (Wikipedia)

I noticed that there were too many Tuktuks in LP where walking was the best way to go around. I wonder how they manage. State subsidy could be a solution.

With a 12 pm curfew and no girlie bars, reading a book is the best way to pass time in LP. You can buy books at the LP bakery, and read as you sip a cup of tea or coffee. I noticed that the younger ones were busy with their laptops connecting to people elsewhere while ignoring the people next to them!

The kids had a game going. Throwing chappals the farthest!

Models in the making.

Part of heritage?

Our guesthouse was on this street!

View from the hill.

Tara was interviewed by a Lao student.

She also posed for a picture.

The reason why LP is so clean! Admirable practice to catch and teach them young.
Does heritage means no 'lick of paint'?

Notice the very simple roof.

There must be a story here.

And here!

Shop on the fringe, she looks worried that people don't seem to walk in to her shop.

Surely not for the tourists.

The river adds beauty to the place.
Not enough land in the foot hills for farming hence it is hard in spite of all the water around.

A village on the way to the cave temple.

We climbed up to see this village on our boat trip.

We call it 'Sthala Purana' (Local myths!)

As we straggled in, she did not even look up, obvioulsy she does not sell too many of them.

She had guessed I would not buy but she did make an half hearted effort to sell.
Weird stuff to drink. I am off whisky now!

My first reaction was wow! Then I realised that even Monks need a calendar.

I was missing Rhea and hence took this picture!

The cave temple approachable only by a boat.

That picture must have came out well!

Next day the waterfall! Absolutely divine! Lovely landscaping and totally clean!

I had a great time getting into the water a little down hill. A pity that the camera did not work for Tara. She did try to take a picture of me in the water. It was very refreshing to be in there.


rohini said…
nice pictures. they give a good idea of the place. i am reading "coroner's lunch" which is set in laos so that is nice.
Jayashree said…
Awesome pictures Uncle .. you have captured the serenity of the surroundings really well
Prakash said…

Great photos. A trip to L.P. is now a must see destination.


srinidhi said…
Thanks Prakash and a great idea to go on your HoneyMoon to LP! You also know which room to pick for your stay!
Arunabha said…
This photo diary is so different from a typical tourist's. I have seen many scenic pictures of LP, but your blog blends in the lives of ordinary folk so well with the tourist sights. It offers a deeper (and better) insight into LP.
srinidhi said…
Thanks Arunabha for appreciating my efforts to give one a picture of a really beautiful LP, but also of those who somehow miss getting on to the growth bandwagon. Probably having read 'Coroner's Lunch' recently could be the reason I tried to look at those for whom benefits of tourism has not yet flowed!
Shrikanth said…
Hope all is well with you. I have been following your musings on Laos and other topics with interest!! Thanks for keeping me on the distribution list. It's like you have reached a phase in life where you have the stature and the life experience to see things which I wouldn't normally think about....
Ramprasad said…
Dear Nidhi
The pictures of LP are great.
In fact I think you should have taken more
ram and shaku
Ramprasad said…
Your BLOG is as always great and I always read it and view the great pictures you include...very informative...I specially loved the LP trip pix....they were simply great.


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