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A story about dedication

I have been planning to write a blog about Rikhi and his social service. He was my 'young' boss and was very disarming and frank about his dealings with me at work. He used to say that he was learning from me about running an industry. Actually we learnt from each other. He was new to industry and I was new to Thailand! With some luck we were able to get the project off to a good start. Later, his brother Rakesh who was also involved with the project, took over from him. I had enjoyed working with Rikhi. While he moved on to other projects, we kept in touch and continue to do so, even after my retirement. Both Rikhi and Seema are very dear to us.

As a member of the Lions club of Bangkok, Erawan, he participates in their 'Rural Relief Program: Medical and Social Aid project' . He really works hard collecting contributions personally from many donors for the camp which is held annually. He also meets them again to give them a letter of thanks with the details of the patie…