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Some unanswered questions.

On the last evening of my stay at Vancouver, Leela and I watched a cartoon together. She snuggled up to me as we watched. I was flattered as she prefers to watch cartoons by herself and I suppose it was my going away present! Suddenly she turned to me with all the seriousness of a 4 year old and asked me with an indulgent tone: 'So! what do you want to be when you grow old?'

I was too surprised to answer and bought time by asking her ' What do you think?'. Her first answer was an attempt at a joke. She said 'You could be an elephant man!' She associates Bangkok with the elephants she saw and I suppose the mahuts' had impressed her. Then she became more serious and said ' You can be a good tata (at) baby take care.' (Anyway something to that effect as I was already lost in thought). I take it as a great compliment! Leela is an 'original' and I hope Rohini compiles all 'Leela-isms' together.

Then consider this: Nikhil and I were together…

A story of optimism, compassion.

I have written earlier about parents with challenged children, but sometimes it is the children who are the ones tested by a parent.

Here is one such story, it is one of patience and optimism, but mainly of compassion:
I shall call him Srinivasa. I like this name as my father was officially named 'Srinivasa' during his namakarana and they both have similar qualities of idealism, patience and acceptance of their lot without complaining or blaming others.

I met him at a function and later he came home during one of his visits to Bangkok. He works for an ASEAN company and is the head of Technology in a group of companies. I enjoy our talks about his work as I am able to appreciate his contribution. I find him very dedicated and sincere about his work and it shows as he spends a great amount of his time working for his company.

The family continues to stay in India while he keeps traveling in and around ASEAN. Once, I suggested that he should visit with his wife and children and stay…

Meet the new Disney Princess- a Fairy Tale.

Leela went on a trip to the Disneyland in California last week. This trip was treat given to her by her parents as she had just turned four.

She had great time, while she did not take the rides with her brothers Neil and Nikhil she entered the sleeping beauty castle and saw many princesses of the fantasy land.

She wished she could be a Princess like the ones she had seen. Minnie mouse heard her and told her to join a dance and MAY BE she would be selected to be one.

Leela joined the dance and did very well and was selected to be a princess for the day!

Leela the little princess for the day.

Then Minnie saw her sister Rhea and
wanted the royal crown tried on Rhea and it fitted perfectly!

Well almost!

Then Leela walked around and had a wonderful time. She sat with her parents, and grand parents and waited for the parade to start.

Soon the parade started and she watched many wonderful floats go by!

Then suddenly a princess standing on the float saw Leela and asked her to join the parade.

The memo…