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There are responsibilities that all of us have.

Friends who read my blog "Sashank's story" made many valuable contributions to the blog as comments. Gayathri wrote and I quote:

'Parents always want the very best for their children. But it always comes with expectations, with norms attached by them or society. There is a level of self-gratification in parenthood. I think with Viji and Murthy, you see the truly unconditional love for both the boys, the kind of parental care that revolves around what their sons need and want'.

'On a related note, I watched Larry King in which the topic was autism. One in 150 children in the US is diagnosed with autism, across a spectrum, but autistic. They were discussing the importance of receiving the support, the funding, the facilities and the awareness required to ensure that as adults, these individuals can function as independently as possible'.

'I think it is so important for every single one of us to realize that there are responsibilities that all of us have to…

Early morning discovery in Seattle!

I was up early and the house was quiet as we had retired late yesterday. It was getting light and I could see enough to make myself a cup of coffee without switching on the light. I know the method of making coffee using the espresso machine and as I began making coffee I looked out of the window hoping to catch the early morning sun on the peaks of the Mt. Rainier. It is, true to its name, always behind the clouds! This morning it was seen but not in golden hues, but it was still very impressive in different shades of grey!

Anyway the coffee decoction was ready and it was time to add some milk and I took out the carton of milk and started to add. I was shocked to see that the milk was totally watery. My first reaction was my god the milkmen cheat even in America! Then I remembered there are no milkmen and there are many varieties of milk. I took the carton near the window to check. Sure enough, the milk was 'fat free'! I have been always using the regular milk that is given to…

The little pleasures of Baby-Sitting!

It was gradual entry this time. I spent a week with Nandini in Seattle first and tried to get out of my jet lag. As Neil and Nikhil are grown up, after the initial excitement of meeting me, they were busy with their own routines and activities. We also moved to Nandini's lovely new home and we were busy getting settled and used to the new place. I even managed a game of golf with Neil and Raxit. Neil really played well after a gap of so many months.

The first few days with Rohini in Vancouver were idyllic as Rhea slept most of the time and while awake she was in good humor. Rohini would feed Rhea and soon she would be napping, then Rohini would go out for half an hour to drop Leela at school and return before Rhea woke up. The same routine worked when it was time to pick up Leela. I had hardly any work to do as Rohini is quiet organised with the kitchen work.

This changed somewhat when Rhea caught a cold. She was not able to sleep as much and her routine changed. She gets up a…