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This 'Couch Potato' is trying to share his world!

I never imagined that I would stop my 'later morning' walks and turn into a couch potato. You can ask me why don't you beat the traffic and go early in the morning. I used to get up early for 40 years as a factory worker. Enough is enough.

I discovered TV5 Monde Asie and am addicted to it. This is from a series  'Terres sauvages en danger' (Endangered wild lands) which is thought provoking. Dangers to wild life is well known and this study covers China. I am trying this style of blogging to give you an idea of the larger issues which are fascinating.

 One would imagine not many could survive this harsh terrain. Surprisingly the Tibetan antelope which looks fragile adapted and were doing well. At one time their count was 1.5 million but has speedily dropped to a mere 70,000.
There are many reasons for this, but it is the man-made ones which we need to worry about.
Tibetan antelopes, also called Chiru were slaughtered for making the now banned 'Shahtoosh'.