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Tata (B. Garudachar) completes 90 years!

Tata turned '90' on the 18th oct 2006 as per Nakshatra (star) and on the 23rd by calendar. He did not want a party to celebrate the event. Preferred to make a pilgrimage to his 'Maneydevaru' at Bindingnavale.

Siddharth represented the new generation of great grandchildren and I suppose Jayanthi the grandchildren!

The group was small, we missed Shakku and Ram. Obviously all of us missed Pati.

"90th birthday is definitely a huge milestone, trust he is in good health and cheer. I am still trying to find out how the "Bindingnavale" spelling with the second 'n' came about, as opposed to "Bindiganavale" - I have seen the former with the family of my cousin Sridhar's wife, the two brothers Sridhar and Srinivas here in Chicago (I think they are the children of BK Garudachar), and some others. BVS family uses the latter, I think. Wasn't there also a family who split the name into two, one using the Bindiga last name and the other Navale…

Should God apologise!

'What is your wish'
The voice had qualities I had never heard in a human voice before!
I was aware of only the voice and nothing else. As I tried to locate the source of this voice, I saw nothing. But my mind became aware of the smallest of spheres that had an immense sense of power emanating from it. I must have uttered 'My god!', because I heard 'yes and I am here because you wanted me!'
I was incredulous and asked him ' did you read my blog? I knew I had let my innate skepticism creep into my Jordan trip report. ‘Why is that god revealed himself to only one person at a time?’ So I thought here he is to teach me his ways!

No, the voice said calmly, you performed penance to see me. For a moment I was at a loss, then I remembered! The story my grandmother had told me of young Dhruva, who sat still under a tree chanting the name of god. How, God very pleased appeared and had blessed him to be a constant 'Star' in the sky in appreciation of his stead…

Miracle of Birth

( I wrote this at Varsha's behest for a 'Womanifesto' publication and now including in my blog)


A personal story explores old and new myths and realities surrounding creation.

My story is a simple one. It is the story of a male who offered to play a role normally played by mothers, taking care of a daughter during pregnancy and delivery. I had neither the skills (especially cooking!) nor the experience. However as I had retired, I bravely volunteered and my wife who was still working happily accepted! Our daughter who lives in Seattle wanted me to join one month before delivery. This would enable me to get used to the routines and I thought it would also give me time to get used to driving on the wrong side of the road! While I put on a brave front, it was with some trepidation I set about getting ready as my thoughts dwelt on my own memories on this miracle of birth!

My first memory of a birth was a sad one as we lost my ten days old younger brother…

Camels' Milk anyone?

Like many brilliant ideas for creating a unique business opportunities, this one came from an unusual source! We were visiting a friend to request her to talk, about her experience of having children late, to another friend . She was very encouraging and said that there was no cause to worry about the age of a person as technology was well developed. She then suddenly asked, “Did you not read today’s paper about it?” Noticing that we went blank, she then spoke about a woman aged 45 giving birth ‘naturally’ in a remote part of India. Actually, she said it was even more amazing as the father was 88 years old! Gave us some more details which were very fascinating! Obviously, it was encouraging news for not so young women keen on having children. Especially in Bangkok, with all its amenities.

At home after our visit, I looked up the paper and it was there as ‘news in brief’. In fact, it was more about the father, a vegetarian, and about his daily routine of going for long walks, drinking…

We could have vaulted to Israel acorss the River!

While in Jordan we saw the place where Jesus was baptized. Later, we walked towards the river Jordan. We could have easily pole vaulted across the river to Israel. You can see that it is well fortified and while I did not see anyone, I was wise enough not to try to cross the river. We all know how fierce they are about protecting their promised land.

While Raghu's comment is too vast a subject to discuss for the moment. I add as a quote the thoughts that came as we gazed across the valley near the old temple built in memory of Moses. We could have walked to many of those places in a day or two!

While in Jordan we were close to the place where Moses was shown the Promised Land by God and saw the place where Jesus was baptized. A sight seeing trip was also a pilgrimage. I wondered about God only speaking to Moses, and of the wise men who recognized Jesus as the son of God. Also of the firm belief held by Islam that Prophet Mohamed was the final one and his way was the only way for…

I wonder why humans are this way!

My impressions of the people I met in Jordan

When we announced our plans of visiting Jordan some were worried! The fear of being a victim of violence is now real anywhere in the world, it is a pity but tragically true. I suppose we were lucky as we returned with a better understanding and feelings about people with whom we had no previous interaction. A few days visit and conversations with a couple of locals cannot be counted as an expertise. While it is true that we spoke to people who depended on tourists for a living, I feel that there was simplicity and frankness in our dealings.

The airport at Amman was reminiscent of a bigger Bangalore airport, very basic. After Tara and I handed over our passports at the immigration booth, we were asked to wait. They said there was a problem. Strange as Sethu and Madhu had just got past the immigration with similar Visas as ours, all issued in Bangkok, from an other queue. Stranger still as friends in our queue joining us at Bahrain and were als…