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Serengeti shall not die! So said the movie. Yes, it has changed but still mesmerizes. As I ramble about our Safari.

When Nandini asked me if we would like to join them on an African safari, I was not too sure. But I said yes the moment she mentioned Tanzania and Serengeti. I had seen the documentary 'Serengeti shall not die' in the late sixties and was mesmerized by it.

 I am  narrating from memory as I did not make any notes.Tara helped with the editing and a few insights. A few pictures are mine and I suppose they are adequate for my blogs. But luckily I could borrow pictures from Raxit's website, who you will think is a professional. You can see the whole album if you click on it. In fact, you should!. Especially to see the many close-ups of the birds and the beasts.

. I have heard people rave about Masai Mara, but Nandini chose Serengeti. She was told that Serengeti was not as crowded as Masai Mara.We landed at Arusha on July 9th and stayed overnight at a lodge which itself would be an enjoyable experience. But we were on our way early on 10th morning and after a briefing by the he…