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Admission Chaos -2016. Unexpected Unwanted Tension and Strife.

Admission Chaos -2016. Unexpected Unwanted Tension and Strife. As it happens with matters of government, it was a ‘bolt from the blue’ for the students who were busy studying! They were preparing for the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MH CET) hoping to secure a seat in a medical college of their choice and make their dreams come true!  An unexpected ruling from the Supreme Court invalidating the test, just a few days before the test, shook the students and their parents to the core. This Admission Chaos-2016, caused by those who wielded power was unpardonable and it is seen from newspapers the issues continue to smolder.   .   I heard the story from Sahana, a parent, how a group of affected parents, fought successfully against this ruling, I felt that this needed to be told and asked for more details. She formed a Whats-App group with the parents and they shared a disturbing and a very disappointing story. As there were only a few colleges in our times, we too had our share of shocks …