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Why do I feel proud and privileged?

When my dear friend Hajela sent me an invitation for the inauguration of a workshop at Fr. Agnel Insitiute, I felt very happy and proud. Hajela and I were colleagues almost 50 years ago in Pune and he moved to Bombay in 1966. But luckily we and our families have managed to keep in touch all these years. 

As we spoke about this program, he said that it was not easy to come to this stage, but Hajela as I know him is not the one to give up . Aam Aadmi  or not he is the type of person the country needs in large numbers!

The event he was working for so hard is the outcome of many years of innovation and imagination. A few years after he joined the company in Bombay, he came up with an idea to start the manufacture of lifts in the company as a logical diversification.This proposal was accepted by the management and he managed the lifts division for many years till he retired.

While most of us who retire are content to take it easy, he was not. He started Lift Systems, a private limited company…