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Sour grapes turns very sour. Bangalore club on cover the page!

I had my own share of sour grapes as I did not apply on time and on return to Bangalore I found that it is impossible to become a member of this club. Without being a member of a club it is not easy to play tennis here in Bengaluru and I could also have gone swimming! Miss them both at the moment. 

 I wonder how busy these sport facilities are? It is said that these clubs are popular because of the liquor and that too at much lower prices. I am sure when the club started it was not under the supervision of the excise department.  Imagine anyone asking the gora babus not to imbibe their scotch on the lawns! 

If the excise department has its way, the club will be more like the many 'family bars' I see on the inside roads of our city. Dark and shady, you can almost visualize the old villains of the Bombay movies lurking in them.

I guess the issues will sorted out amicably between the Club with its dog in the manger attitude and those in power who are just waiting to get a hold on th…