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Being able to predict.

I have been watching festival movies the last eight days. The documentary 'Up the Yangtze' was memorable! It was about a family who were displaced as the river went up! The Chinese lyric 'I cannot change your fate but can predict your luck' stayed with me. Ironically there was no need for either a palmist or an astrologer to predict that they had to move.

I am not writing about the need to protect those affected, helpless as they were, but the ability to predict. I know I have this habit of looking at my palm. I had thought that it was not so obvious until Rohini commented when Rhea my eight month old grand daughter looked at her palm one day. Rohini said 'she has taken after you!'

I think it is something I began doing when I was about 12 years old. My father had this huge coffee-table book by Cheiro. Could have been worth something if my mother had not given it away! The book was fascinating. I remember it had prints of palms of famous and infamous people. Hand …

'Language' Challenged!

I saw this in today's 'Animal Crackers' cartoon in B. Post! It is a conversation between two Ants watched by Leo: 'Are you my Aunt' asks one Ant to the other. 'I am an Ant' says the other 'But I am also your Uncle'. The first Ant says 'I am confused'.
My first reaction was to go AAGrrrhh! Then I thought, wait a minute this is me!
I am always confused about the correct accent to adopt while speaking English!

It took me back to a conversation with a friend on my first visit to USA years ago.
'My ant is visiting me.' She said.
'Your Aunt?' thinking I had heard her wrong!
'Yes my ANT!' with an unnecessary emphasis.
'Oh Your Aunt' not willing to give up.
I think we both were mystified and a bit irritated but decided to let go.

Mukund was narrating to us recently, how his daughters Aparna and Aditi were always correcting his accent. 'Hostile' to them was Hosteel and not Hostyle. Tile is pronounced as 'Tyle' i…

We do learn from Kids.

While speaking about my earlier blog on Leela and her question, Chandramouli mentioned that children could and did bring knowledge by their questions and actions. He spoke of Nachiketa and Dhruva and their impact. The conversation between young Nachiketa and God of death Yama is the basis for Kathopanishad. The story of Dhruva, (I remember my grandmother telling me this story) is about a 5 year old's great penance till God Vishnu pleased with his steadfastness appeared before him and blessed him.

In his opinion children must be encouraged to ask questions and should be allowed to find answers by themselves instead of lecturing them. Interesting idea, I hope he elaborates on this sometime. He retired as a schoolteacher in the US.

This suddenly reminded me about the time when Rohini told me that amma had read her the story of 'Rama and Ramana'. I tried to correct her by telling her that it was Ravana, but she insisted that it was 'Ramana'. I let it go with a smile and …