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My two days with the artists: Pandit Shubhendra Rao and Ty Burhoe

Shubhendra and Tara had been in correspondence about arranging his sitar concert in Bangkok for a while. As Shubhendra said 'Eeega Samaya Banthu' (The time came now!). Events developed quickly and on Monday last, Tara was at the airport to receive the artists. Good that I did not go as they had lots of luggage. Shubhendra obviously had his Sitar, but what surprised us were the two huge 'storm' boxes that Ty had brought along with him. The boxes, apart from the Tablas, were full of electronic instruments; a mixer, an equalizer, a recorder, accessories and tools. They said that they carried these equipment to ensure the right quality of sound. They had learnt from experience that most of the sponsors did not have the right system for a concert. Their commitment to create the best quality of sound and the trouble they took for this was impressive.
It is interesting that as soon as we hear about a 'live concert' being held, we begin to talk about the concerts we h…