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An awesome fun wedding with a message.

It was not a destination wedding,  a traditional  Eco-friendly one!
The bridegroom Siddharth is my golf buddy Bharath's son! 
Who doesn't know his mother Meenakshi ? :-).

Siddharth is in the fourth year of a PhD program in Ecology at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA

Janani Eswar, the bride, a social entrepreneur, connecting children and young adults to nature in Bangalore, is the daughter of Radha and Krish Murali Eswar also from Bengaluru.

The wedding was a visual delight with a lot of thought bestowed on every detail. Importantly it was mother-earth friendly. It was performed in a heritage building 'Villa Pottipati' situated in Malleswaram. As space was a constraint smaller group of friends and relatives were invited for different functions in this lovely tree covered garden of the 19th century Villa.
A letter from the couple tells us why this wedding is so special. Hello! We’re excited that you’re going to join us in celebrating our weddings in Malleswaram next…