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Prime minister says 'Make it in India'

Recently TOI  was all about 'Measure to facilitate ease of biz, boost manufacturing'. It is mind boggling to see the various proposals on the anvil. It said 'The aim is to reconcile the interest of labor with the ease of doing business'.

This takes me back to 50+ years in time. I had just learnt productivity techniques from ILO experts. And our  gurus had advised us that it would not be easy to implement but hoped we could do so later on . But Productivity should be our mantra and work study the method.

They were right, there was resistance for time study.  My boss suggested that I do time studies on the sly. I demurred as we were taught to build trust  by being open. This lack of trust created situations which were bizarre.

 Most companies resorted to hiring temporary labor, who obviously worked harder. The temps would be given a break periodically so that they had no claims for permanency.  Assemblers went missing after three weeks and came back after a week's break…