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There are many ways!..An important message. Take care while flying frequently

Those who read my blogs will know about Surya and Neema. Recently we have been attending a series of Neema's lectures at their apartment on Bhagwad Gita. Last Thursday we were seeking a topic for a lecture they would be giving to the members of National Museum Volunteers, Bangkok and felt that a talk on 'Karma' appeared right for the group! This choice reminded me of a quote on Karma: 'God does not make one suffer for no reason nor does He make one happy for no reason. God is very fair and gives you exactly what you deserve.' (Wikipedia)

While I had no issues with this quote, I turned to Surya and asked: 'I have heard that two angels (I think I said spies!) keep a watch and maintain a register of all our actions. But my question really is about the process of handling this enormous amount of data, collecting and processing billions of inputs by millions of us humans and administering the right reward or punishment. How is this achieved?’ It was difficult to for…

What is a Honeymoon Suite?

This subject of Honeymoon keeps returning! Remember our Laos trip?

Anyway we returned from Bangalore and as usual made a beeline to Mukund and Gayathri's place for dinner. Sethu and Madhu were also there, so it was a family gathering! The group had gone to Burma border and Kanchanaburi and had a great time relaxing and golfing while we were on a serious trip trying to organize our return to India!

Suddenly Gayathri goes: (did she look demure?) 'We were given a Honeymoon Suite in one of the places we stayed'! That rankled or was it the thought that I missed the golf game the next day? Anyway I imagined as seniors we would have made a claim, or drawn numbers for this room and I could have finally seen a Honeymoon Suite! Before I could ask them more about the suite, the topic was changed by some one!

I am not now talking about Honeymoon, which does not raise an eyebrow now a days. It was not the same while we were young kids! Not all newly weds' went on a honeymoon! In fact,…

Home coming or Going homewards: Are we all idiots!

Continuing my stroy:
(I have this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome as I travel towards India. I turn from a calm and accepting person to a VIoP. A Very Irritating or Irritated (old) Person. This trip was no exception.)

Tara and I got separated and I was stuck in between two men on the Jet flt. The young man sitting next to me was one of those software guys. He had a lap top which meant that his elbows were poking me, he also had an iPhone and he was constantly playing with it. To my Freudian mind it was reminiscent of a penile obsession of a little kid.

While he was not rude, he sounded arrogant when he spoke to the air hostess! She offered him a bottle of lemon juice and he used the putting down people tone and asked for water. Of course, she should have known better and should have given him a choice instead of just thrusting a bottle at him. I thought JET airways trained their staff better! Even then there was no justification for his arrogant ways. I realised I was now in the 'L…

Home coming or Going homewards.

We took a short trip to Bengaluru during Songkran holidays. We would have loved to be here in Bangkok and been a part of the Burma border trip near Kanchanaburi with our regular group! Missed playing golf though! Ours was an exploratory trip and we think we accomplished a lot. We will know for sure when we get back, but we did fix up many contractors to do basic repairs to our apartment before we move in June.

I have this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome as I travel towards India. I turn from a calm and accepting person to a VIoP. A Very Irritating or Irritated (old) Person. This trip was no exception.

First things first, our morning flt was cancelled and we were offered a seat in the night flt, which meant a 12 hours wait at the airport. The Thai Airways was kind enought to offer us accommodation at the Novotel Airport hotel. We said yes, then Balaji who was also on the flt, convinced Thai to give us a flt via Mumbai and the leg between Mumbai and Bengaluru was on Jet Airways. Whil…

Luang Prabang thru pictures.

Our trip to Luang Prabang felt very peaceful. While there were more tuktuks and motor bikes than I had expected, it was still pollution free. Surprisingly we were stuck in traffic for 20 minutes on our way to the guest house from the airport! Everyone was talking about it at the guest house and it seems about 20 plus cars were stuck in traffic!

LP has many charming streets with nice buildings and old Wats. Lack of high rise buildings makes it very appealing. It surely is an ideal holiday for us oldies who like to walk and for the young who love trekking, kayaking and other adventure sports. I specially liked the offer to teach us how to be a mahout in two days at an elephant camp! The soap dialogue 'Aurathon koh ankush lagana chayiye' had always intrigued me! Well not worth the risk as they did not specify that the class was only for men!
'Laos, one of the world's few remaining communist states, is one of east Asia's poorest countries' (BBC) clarified my observat…