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Walking in my Bengalooru!

This is the third of my walking trilogy. It was written around the same time as the other two, as I travelled from US to Bangkok to Bangalore.

Actually, I have wonderful memories of walks while growing up in Bangalore. Walks with my father accompanied by our dogs as a kid and with friend Mouli or Cousin Rangaraj(Dr) in my younger days . But the walk I experienced as a retiree was different. While walking within Lalbaugh was great, getting into it was a challenge and walking anywhere once the traffic built up was a nightmare!

'Walking in Bangalore from Latha’s apartment to Lalbaugh is pleasant, as it is cooler after a couple of April showers. The dust has settled and it is green again on the main roads that are lined with trees. As you step out of the apartment to a quiet road early in the morning, you choose to walk in the middle of the street as there is no traffic at that time. The lack of traffic in not the only reason you walk in the middle. There are no pavements on some st…

Walking experience continues: in Bangkok

This is a continuation of my 'Walking experience' blog. Most of it written in the first year of the twentyfirst century! I thought let me sound a little pompous here. Crossing over to the new century seems like an important achievement!

'While you love the walks in North America, you wish for a warmer weather. you want to walk freely without having to wear all those heavy clothes.

Soon your wish to have warmth is granted as you are back again in Bangkok! Eager for a walk, you step out and realise that you have forgotten it is school time, the Soi (street) is full of cars, polluting the air as they wait to get into the two schools located next to each other. Thais normally drop off their children to school in cars. It is not just a status symbol, I have heard it said that it also a fear for the safety of their children!

Anyway you decide to continue the walk and as you get out of the apartment building. You are blocked by a mobile food stall parked on the pavement. In addit…

A Walking Experience!

"Normally it is expected to be a pleasure! So it was near Nandini’s home in Klahanie, Issaquah in the north west of USA.

January is very cold for walks in Klahanie and is also lonely. You wear heavy clothes and are forced to walk in a brisk pace to beat the cold! The surroundings are beautiful and distant snow-capped hills entice you to pause a while in admiration. The wide concrete pavements lined with pretty trees are level. The joints are filled and blended so that the baby strollers have a smooth surface all through. The pavement joins the road in measured slopes to ensure that motorized wheel chairs move smoothly and join the roads gently. Soon you get used to the clean pavements and spotting an odd piece of litter begin to upset you!

On lucky days when the sun is out a few young mothers take their children out in their strollers or in tow, a few walk their dogs as well. You are so happy to see people you break out in a smile and wave at them!

Crossing a street is easy, as cars…

Gayathri ‘US Yaaatra’.

19 may,2008

I am with Aparna, wondering what is going on! Probably you can call it some sort of Social Anthropology. Anyway best wishes to you from all of us here. I am sure you will be a very good teacher and a focused one! God bless!
Thanks also for mentioning Bisibele bath, I will be disowned by Iyengars here but I prefer Bisebele to Puliogre.
I think you should see this one on Indian food '' .
I loved it.
I see that in all this ramblings some serious discussions are also happening re Gayathri's yathra, some questions asked and hopefully answered. Invitations being sent for parties. Those who invite should note that it is mandatory that there is a Bollywood dance in the agenda and Ambode with the drinks.

It is clear that Rail travel is postponed to a future date while more destinations are added. I am disappointed as I was thinking big term here. I thought of proposing that we book a bogie to ourselves as there seems to enough …

Geet, Ghazal Aur Quawali By Bangkok Residents of India

This is Gayathri, filling in for Nidhi and totally honored to be allowed into the realm of the “nidhiramblers" Blog!

So what do a group of people do when they want to organize a Geet, Ghazal Aur Quawalli evening, the main intent being to provide a platform for at least a few of the many talented residents of Bangkok, people who have demonstrated their sincere dedication and interest in music by developing a sound classical music foundation and taking their singing to a greater level of melody and perfection? Well, what they do is meet up for a thali meal and coffee at Sri Ganesh. Seriously. You know how all of the cultural advances in France happened in the little coffee places? Similar. There is something about a truly good cup of coffee and unpretentious environs that brings out the best in people, intellectually and emotionally. So that’s what the three of us, Tara, Viji and I did. Met at Sri Ganesh and planned.

And what a brilliant evening it was, if I say so myself. When you h…