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Age appropriate holiday for Nidhi.

Recently I turned 70. Nandini & Raxit and Rohini & Sundeep gave me a special treat to celebrate the event ! All of us, a total of ten were at the Disneyland at LA. Some, I am sure, would be surprised that aseventy-year-old was given such a treat. But Nandini thought that it was appropriate. In fact, I had a whale of a time at the Indiana Jones ride. (Which means I was scared!)

I suppose I should go back to the time I turned sixty. Nandini with Raxit had arranged a trip to Yellowstone national park to celebrate my birthday. We were six of us then, Rohini and Sundeep joined us from Houston. Thanks to progress in medicine, getting to be sixty is no more considered a notable achievement. In the US you cannot even retire without a special reason, in fact they do not even think you are old.

It was different in India in the early days. The Shastabdhi poorti function when you turn sixty is also an abbreviated marriage ceremony which the children organise and the grand children have fun …

Remembering the departed!

I was surfing channels on TV and had glimpse of a girl featured in Oprah's channel. She was on 'Oprah' talk show because she had written her own Obituary. A little odd, especially as she looked quite healthy. Any way I got distracted either by Leela or Rhea and missed watching it.

Also I had recently seen in the Vancouver Sun (at the hair cutting saloon!) pages titled 'Remembering' devoted to obituaries. The inserts were well written and with feeling about the people who had departed. A really a nice way to remember the departed.

Actually, I was prompted to write this blog while reading the 'remembering' pages again yesterday. They give us a very good view of the society here in Vancouver. While brief but poignant some of these biographies were even witty. Most of the departed were in their nineties and eighties, world war II veterans, men and women in various walks of life, in different social status and who had contributed to the society in their …

Vancouver reminded me of Bangkok!

People who have been to both Vancouver and Krungthep Mahanakorn will surely think I am hallucinating. Well it was not the city but the traffic which reminded me of Bangkok. It was hot last Saturday after a long and persisting cold weather. I thought happily that it is almost like Bangkok. We were on the highway at that time as I thought of Bangkok and minutes later the traffic came slowly to a halt! We had just seen a police car parked on the emergency lane. Probably that should have cautioned me. Anyway as we waited patiently, I said to myself, it is reallylike Bangkok now. We were stuck in a spot from which there was no way out.

Sundeep who was in the other car walked across to tell Rohini that he had heard on the radio that a car had caught fire ahead of us but we should soon be moving . We finally did move after an hour and it was another hour before we gained normal speed. We learnt that cars had backed up for eight kms. and were merging to one lane. Finally, as we entere…