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Should God apologise!

'What is your wish'
The voice had qualities I had never heard in a human voice before!
I was aware of only the voice and nothing else. As I tried to locate the source of this voice, I saw nothing. But my mind became aware of the smallest of spheres that had an immense sense of power emanating from it. I must have uttered 'My god!', because I heard 'yes and I am here because you wanted me!'
I was incredulous and asked him ' did you read my blog? I knew I had let my innate skepticism creep into my Jordan trip report. ‘Why is that god revealed himself to only one person at a time?’ So I thought here he is to teach me his ways!

No, the voice said calmly, you performed penance to see me. For a moment I was at a loss, then I remembered! The story my grandmother had told me of young Dhruva, who sat still under a tree chanting the name of god. How, God very pleased appeared and had blessed him to be a constant 'Star' in the sky in appreciation of his stead…