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All about my new job!

( I had written this report sometime early December 1999 from Seattle. I was 'in action' and was also the 'embedded' reporter! I am sure you can sense the tension and some desperation in it! I am adding it to my rambles as I think it belongs here and hope it is safer here than in a hard disc drive. I have lost a few in them.)

It started with my retirement! I decided that one of us should be free in case Nandini chose to have a baby! Makes a good line, but actually I was bored and wanted a change. Anyway Nandini chose and gave me this job to get active again.

Cousin Prasad, who was visiting and was of great help, said it is a combination of a Cook, Maid and Dhobi (I did not iron clothes, only washed them!). I am also a substitute mother as I keep bugging Nandini to take rest and eat properly. Rohini was very 'sweet' when she heard that I would go to Seattle and take care of the cooking! She said that I would be a good as I liked to EAT! It is like expecting me …

Serious advice on Care of Children by Gayathri: Teacher, Mom and Friend

Hello All!
I saw Gayathri's mail couple of days back! It happened that the same evening I saw the subject dealt with in an Oprah rerun on Starworld. Oprah was offering USD 100,000 to anyone who informed FBI about such predators and which resulted in an arrest. Some of the stories Oprah spoke about were shocking to say the least. Being a victim herself she is hoping to change things in the US state by state to see that known offenders DO NOT get away so easily.

Gayathri speaks about old times. I am sure there were predators even then. But we had 'Kavalu' or were protected to a greater degree than now. There were not so many new gadgets which even the parents do no understand! Moreover our people are all over the globe and are in very different situations needing totally different approaches to the problem.

I thought it such a serious subject that I would put it on my Blog and try to send it across to a wider audience. You know how busy teachers are! .... Nidhi

Wrote this …


I am back after having taken a long break from rambling! I was busy with the visit of my grandsons first and then my granddaughter next! It is the time when you let the world take care of itself! No time for anything else!

But a few events caught my eye:
One was the description of Donald Rumsfeld as an 'Alpha Male' while covering the news after he was sacked from his job! Being an frequent viewer of NG and Discovery channels, I knew that the dominant males of animal species are described thus. While the title is apt, it surprised me, as this was the first time I had seen this epithet being used to describe a person.

What really pleased me was that George Bush, who I am sure does not easily qualify for the title 'Alpha Male', was able to hire and fire one such. Sure sign that our species have evolved! In my mind George Bush is more qualified to be called an 'Alpa'! Actually alpa(gna), which in Sanskrit means: knowing little, shallow, superficial. Anyway, three che…