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'Fast' Sequel

I did not realise how right Rikhi is about reading Mahabharata. I seem to get into trouble faster! Aparna was quick to react with a comment (see it in my blog 'why to fast' ) and was kind enough to suggest one more blog wherein I could make amends! She also spoke of a 'perfect guy'. I know she has her list of qualities for this perfect guy and the one I remember is that he should 'listen'. So, here I am trying to be the perfect uncle! I have not forgotten that she is the first teenager 'Rao' to treat me for a dinner! ( You see I am learning to be careful here!)

Curiously around the same time, Seema sent me a story about a 'Husband' store in New York city and the qualities of these guys available at the store are unreal. (These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, are 'drop-dead' gorgeous, help with the housework, and have a strong romantic streak). Talk about coincidences! It is now up to Aparna and her friends to add to the list! In …

Why to 'Fast'?

I start first with an explanation to Aditi. I was there sitting peacefully and browsing, when Tara said that Aditi is now on vacation, must be enjoying herself as it is summer in New York and added she deserves this vacation after a real hectic year at school. Actually she is working as an intern.

As I thought how nice, a click of the mouse brought on this article!
Shiva:Matchmaker God, A time-honored Hindu practice yields powerful romantic results, By Lavina Melwani
I do not know if it as an omen, but saw an opportunity to have some fun. I sent the article to her Mother. Gayathri forwarded it to her daughters as I hoped she would! I do not know, but this 'TharaleBuddhi' (Instigating?) has become more prominent after I started reading Mahabharata! To continue I received a few forwards of mail and it is easier to repeat them.

gayathri said:
'these are responses from the girls that i thought you would have fun reading, nidhi. i forwarded your mail to them!!! may be you should put…