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A sequel -- Toto MY dog

While we were talking about Toto, Seema spoke about children who were disappointed that they missed his burial. They later went to the spot where he was buried and offered prayers and placed flowers on the mound.

I had then suggested to Seema that it would be nice to collect thoughts from these children about Toto, including Shreya her daughter. Shreya was also very fond of Toto. Anyway here is one such story by Seema herself!Hi I suggested to Shreya that she write about Toto. But she has too much homework, so I will tell my story instead.I saw this dog when we first moved into Rishi Court. Frankly my first reaction was "What a dirty dog!" When one day Toto and I came face to face finally, we just stood there and looked at each other. His look was like "is she going to acknowledge me?", and my look was like "are you kidding? no way am I going to touch you!" and I just walked past him. I used to ignore him after that first meeting.Later on, I asked the secu…

Remembering Rhea's friend 'Toto the dog'.

Seema sent me this email yesterday night. "I'm sure the house must be very quite with everyone gone, even when my kids go to camp for two days we all feel the silence. Anyway I want to let you know that today was a sad day for all of us and Rishi Court workers because Toto the dog passed away at 2.30pm this afternoon. The workers dug a hole in the garden and we buried him with great sadness. What touched me most was to see all the workers putting flowers in his grave and praying for his soul and that he gets reborn as a human. Everyone was reminiscing about their time with him through the years. Surprisingly Chaiya remembers that Toto has been with us for 14 years."
And I replied:
"Let's hope that he is at peace now. Too sad! He was Rhea's pet as well. She used to talk to him and smile every time she saw him. I wish I had known as I would have liked to be there! Interesting prayer!"
I had been restless all afternoon. Obvious reason was that Rohini, Sundee…