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A blog about books Gayathri is planning to read!

Gayathri your FB posting made me curious, surely I will not able to tackle the list. But here are some reviews. Enjoy maadi:
Swerve In the early 15th century Western Europe was just emerging from a couple of centuries of plague, famine, and conflict. they looked back 1500 years or more to the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome. .. to relearn ..what had been lost during the Dark Ages. .. Poggio Bracciolini, a papal secretary whose Pope had been overthrown ...discovered On The Nature Of Things, by Lucretius ..a seminal document of the emerging Renaissance. .. who taught that the soul did not survive death and that all living things were made up tiny particles or atomi.
Epicureans called on people to enjoy a good life ... who did not concern themselves with anything so insignificant as human affairs. This has a modern ring to us, .. and those who followed his ideas were often in danger of perseuction or even execution....on the tumultuous political world the Church and se…