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Eagleton is not just about golf. Amazing colours

I am sharing pictures shared by Dr. Raman Wonderful colors and dramatic views

This one is from Paddy !

Eagleton is not just about golf. The smallest too count

These pictures shared urges us to look downwards .  A closer look at the small things around us.
 Cheryl  Balfour took these pictures.  Yes they too count! Wonder whether they have names

 Asha Rajan shared this lovely picture of a Dragon Fly.  We see many around us and perhaps the reason we have less mosquitoes this season.
This is from Paddy,  I think he was looking for his lost golf ball and found this pretty one!

My picture of a Dragon Fly. The shadows caught my eye.

Eagleton is not just about golf. Time to enjoy our surroundings

While we wait for pictures of 'birds' spotted by our residents,  Mr. Chandrasekhar posted a few in our social WhatsApp group. These are special as not many walk the golf courses early to catch the mist at dawn. I urge residents to share the pictures they took. We can gradually compile them.

I have added a few of my own of the golf course!

A few pictures of the residents colony

Eagleton is not just about golf. We have our winter visitors!

Eagletonians do have winter visitors, our golfing friends and we look forward to them! The ones I am blogging about are not the golfing kind. They do come, flying on their own wing power!

Pervez shared a few pictures he took of these visitors for my blog. It is amazing that these little birds have flown so many miles to spend the winter with us. ( There are more to share!)

I asked him if we could go bird watching and spot them. I thought our grandchildren who will be here in December would have fun and learn as well. Sadly not so easy. These birds, with the exception of Black Napped Oriole, which perch on trees, prefer shrubs and swampy areas which have become smaller in Eagleton and a little unsafe, especially for kids, as dogs have chosen these areas to lay their puppies.

Many varieties of Birds do come to Bangalore and its outskirts during winter. Some all the way from Siberia, over 5000 kms away! If we like them to come to Eagleton, we need to create a more suitable environment. W…