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Near Death Experience! There are many types

I am not talking about the mysterious, exotic and well researched and documentednear death experiences.It is more about the mundane 'near' death experiences we all experience!

One could well envy Bheeshmawho was gifted* 'The ability to choose the time of his death.' A unique gift which we see later was not really a blessing.  While he had no fear of death, he surely had a miserable time!
*Hetook an vow of celibacy to enable his father, king Santhanu, marry a fisher-woman and his grateful father blessed him with this rare gift.' Bheeshma, a Sanskrit word, which was uttered by gods in admiration, got stuck as his name. It  translates into 'terrible or dreadful or horror' . Interestingly we have namesake, a Hindi writer,Bhisham Sahni, who also died a bachelor and had a personality similar to his namesake!
My first NDE was when I was five years old. I was walking up a hilly forest with my older relatives when they asked me to keep my eyes peeled for tigers whic…